Cisco 300-320 Exam Guide: Details, Topics, Preparation Options (Practice Tests)

The Cisco 300-320 certification test is the last of three exams that a candidate has to pass in order to earn the CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional) credential. This certificatebuilds on the advanced knowledge of network design principles and concepts required to create multi-layer enterprise network components and architecture. The enterprise environments need networks that are designed for availability, scalability, and performance to get outcomes. The experienced professionals who have expertise in progressive end-to-end network design are very important for the delivery requirements of networks while working towards the achievements of future investments.

The Link for Home certification is designed for the senior network design engineers, network/solutions architects, principle system engineer, as well as thosespecialistswho want to build on their basic Cisco network design skills. The credential focuses on sophisticated addressing & routing protocols, services virtualization, WAN, and integration strategies for multifaceted enterprise architecture. To earn this professional-level certification, the applicants have to pass three different exams. They are Cisco 300-101 (ROUTE), Cisco 300-115 (SWITCH), and Cisco 300-320 (ARCH).

The focus of this articlewill be on the Cisco 300-320 ARCH (Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures) exam, which is the last phase of the three required tests. To write thisexam, the candidates must meet the relevant prerequisites. They must have a valid CCDA and CCNA Routing & Switching credential. As an alternative,you can havea valid CCDA and CCNP Routing & Switching certificate, or any other Prepaway Cisco CCIE or CCDE. It is important to mention that Cisco 300-320 will retireon February 23, 2020. If you have already registered for it or plan to write it before the expiration date, you can go ahead and take thistest. After February 23, 2020, youwillno longer have access tothis certification exam, and you will have to take a new one that will replace it. If you have alreadypassed300-320 ARCH and earned your CCDP certificate, it will remain valid, so there is no reason to worry.

Exam Details: Structure, Format, Passing Score

Cisco 300-320, Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures, is designed to evaluate the applicants’ skills and knowledge of the latest development in network technologies and design. The areas that will be tested include L2 & L3 infrastructures for data center integration, enterprise, network services, WAN technologies, and network security. This certification examconsists of 60 to 70 questions and is available only in the English language. Youhave a total of 75 minutes for the completion of the test. To pass it, you are required to score between 750 and 850 on a scale of 1000 points. It is important to mention that this passing score varies, depending on the exam delivery. Therefore, it is recommended that you score 850.

The students are required to pay the fee of $300 duringthe registration, and they can only schedule the Cisco 300-320 exam after the payment has been made. Pearson VUE is the official administrator of this certificationtest, which means that you can schedule it through its platform. 

ExamObjectives: Topics & Subtopics

There are specific objectives that the certification exams are expected to achieve. These come in the form of topics that you are required to study and understand in preparation for anytest. The subjects cover every skill and knowledge that the credential is meant to validate.

As for Cisco 300-320, there are specifictopics that have been highlighted to help the candidates channel their study. According to Cisco, the objectives are guidelines that are likely to be part of the questions. However, there might be other related subjects that you will come across during the delivery of your test. Therefore, you should try to consider other related areas when preparing for your exam. Additionally, the topic guidelines may also change without prior notice. This means that before you start studying for Cisco 300-320, you should go through the official website to know if the information you have is still relevant.

Based on the info from the official webpage, the following are the topic areas for Cisco 300-320 ARCH:

  • Advancedrouting & addressing solutions for enterprise networks;
  • Enterprisedatacenterintegration;
  • Advancedenterprisecampusnetworks;
  • WANs for enterprise networks;
  • Networkservices;
  • Securityservices.

Preparation Options: Practice Tests, Exam Dumps, Video Tutorials

When it comes to preparing for Cisco 300-320, there are various resources that you can explore. Depending on your learning style and schedule, you can choose from classroom training, online training, and self-study. In addition to this, there are other options that you can choose. These include study groups, training courses, video tutorials, study guides, practice tests, and braindumps. All these are available to make your preparation very effective.

There are various sources where you can find up-to-date study materialsto help you prepare for your certificationtest. However, you have to be cautious when choosing a platform. Ensure you use the one that has relevant and trustworthyprep tools to avoid wasting your precious time. PrepAway is one of the top sites that offer a wide range of resources that are relevant to your Cisco exam. This online platform offers you everything you need to succeed in your 300-320 ARCH. You can take up training courses on this website and/or explore various full-length questions that will help you get fully equipped for the test. You can also use the exam simulation software available on the site. This provides you with the opportunity to take practice questions in a simulated environment like the real setting. This is very beneficial to the students because it helps them work on their time management and also gives them a feel of what the real exam situation will be like.


To pass the Cisco 300-320 exam on the first try, you need to explore all the topics using the relevant study materials. If you get the resources from the PrepAway platform, you will definitely succeed.


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