3 Things That Make Your Vehicle a Brand Asset

The main power of driving association to a repeatable communication medium is that it imprints an impression on the audience that would make it inconceivable for other brands to use as their own. Do you normally see cars wear the same kind of yellow as taxis do? Or why no other business uses the same color scheme as its competitors? They are claiming that visual cue as to their own and associates those elements only with their brand.

Brand Campaign

Once you’ve drafted a campaign strategy the next step is how to distribute the materials effectively in order to maximize exposure to a targeted audience. In many cases, traditional marketing strategies still prove effective as it conditions the general public to associate certain cues to the brand it represents. That is why brand logos and trademarked prints on almost all of the organization’s assets are still very much alive.

Scattering your campaign materials all over the place is just wasteful and ineffective. When implementing your branding concept, you must be able to tie together the different elements to convey one single idea to your audience. It should also make a great impression on everyone who sees it in order to evoke that feeling of what your brand represents.

Your vehicles are an asset not only as a means of transportation but for branding as well. For as long as vehicles are being used in the industry, their use extends in increasing the company’s visibility on the public road. Today, with online businesses ramping up, your vehicle is in a crucial position to give your business a physical front if you don’t necessarily operate in a brick-and-mortar setting.

Here are three things you can use to turn your vehicle into an effective brand asset:

1. Stellar Graphics

When driving through the streets of Denver, there are just a number of things you’d miss out on. Incoming vehicles, whether in law enforcement or private companies, a customized vehicle graphic design is an effective tool that doesn’t only visually convey identity but the brand as well. Depending on where you’d want to deploy these brand assets, making sure it leaves a lasting impression as well as conveying a message is important to make it an effective tool for your brand.

There are a lot of ways to go about applying customized graphics for your car. Here are some of the most commonly used ones:


These are stickers made from vinyl material, printed and stuck on the car. They are easy to print and apply so you don’t have to wait for a longer turnaround and you can have them in a matter of hours. They don’t really cover much of the car’s surface area and it’s important that you strategically place them in noticeable parts of the vehicle.


This is what you see in the law enforcement or service vehicles, where the entire fleet of their office or branch is easily identifiable through their whole-body graphic art. The vehicles of the Denver fire department, sheriff, emergency units, or even the local plumbers are visually customized to reinforce brand competency and professionalism. As stated by a vehicle wraps Denver expert, covering entire bodies with printed vinyl sheets through cutting-edge technology is a way to improve business visibility. You can choose partial or full wraps to create an impactful (not distracting) and customized finish.


These materials give you complete control over when and where you want your marketing message is visible. They can easily be removed and replaced, which is a great option for those who use multiple vehicles, which are not solely owned by the business owner. They are also a great temporary marketing material while you wait for your vehicle wraps to be printed and installed.

Perforated Window Film

While it delivers a smooth messaging to those who see it, perforated window films also give visibility and privacy to the occupants of the vehicle. Plastered with a well-designed graphic or messaging, you’ll be able to effectively convey professionalism and dedication.

Fleet Graphics

Attractive fleet graphics convey strength and instill confidence to your audience that business is well because you’re operating at a superb level thus giving value. It creates a unified front to your audience stating your company’s commitment to the service it offers. Also the next time they see one of your vehicles in front of their house, they’ll know that you’re there for a legitimate business.

2. Information Takeaway

Your vehicle or your fleet doesn’t only have bold statements and posturing, it should also provide a clear and concise message to the audience. When a person catches a glimpse of your vehicle, they’ll be able to remember your business through your signage. One example is if you’re the local pet groomer or pet shop, it’d help that people can easily read or take away “Your Pet’s One-Stop-Shop” from your signage. Your sticker or wrap must be able to provide a strong and focused messaging to your audience.

Your vehicle can also be your mobile calling card, so it’s important that if you have a fleet, you have unified contact information printed on all those units. A simple email address or phone number is easy to remember when you’re passing through traffic.

3. Professional Look

Lastly, you also need to manage your vehicle’s lifecycle, especially when it carries your company’s name on multiple sides. Your company’s image is also affected by how the vehicles in your fleet look. Messaging and amazing detail won’t be able to help your branding if you’re putting it on a run-down vehicle. A properly maintained fleet shows professionalism and respect for the work it delivers to its clients. You won’t feel safe and secure if you saw your local law enforcement drive a beat-up police car as opposed to having a shiny powerful beast with the precinct’s number on the hood.

Maintaining your car’s professional look is the last uncompromisable thing you need to turn your vehicle into an effective brand asset. It makes one sale’s adage true “in order to draw success, you need to look like one”.

Vehicles are only one of many marketing avenues your company or business can use to attract more customers and establish a presence. If your company is also promoting heavily online, having a tangible visual representation that can be seen in public elevates your credibility and brand to a new level.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.