Cross-Country Trip Essentials You Don’t Think About

Okay, here’s a challenge: 

You’ve got 10 seconds to list all the cross-country trip essentials you need for your next road trip. Ready? Go! 

We can safely assume that your list would look something like that: 

  • A GPS
  • Paper maps of the regions or a downloadable offline map
  • A solar charger for your phone and any other gadget that needs recharging on the go
  • A GoPro camera to tie around your helmet or your belt when you go on an adventure 
  • A pair of hiking or walking shoes that are weatherproof
  • A bag of snacks and drinks

Chances are that you’ve also considered the best car for the trip. Off-roading adventures, for instance, are best suited for a Land Rover vehicle, specifically the New Discovery Sport, which comes with a high chassis to cross most streams and rivers safely. If you’re planning an on-the-road trip, you can look to hire a classic vintage car for the occasion. Nothing like route 66 onboard an old Cadillac to release your inner old-timer adventurer! But you may have forgotten some essentials that would make the trip more enjoyable:

A dashcam

Most people think of using a dashcam for self-protection. You can rely on the footage when reporting accidents. Additionally, it’s an easy way to prove your story, as you have filmed evidence of the crash or the other driver’s behavior on the road. Dashcams have become a popular tool to avoid insurance fraud too, as they make staged accidents easy to spot. But they can also act as a way to capture your trips and keep your memories alive. Think of it as the GoPro for your car, especially if you’re worried about missing out on the landscape while driving. 

Insulated drinkware

Insulated drinkware is a no-brainer addition to your road trip gear. You can find high-quality drinkware in different sizes in stainless steel. Camelback horizon collection is a favorite not only among holidaymakers but also commuters. You can be sure that the sealable tumblers will keep your coffee hot for longer… or your beer fresh for hours if you prefer! You want to reflect on the day with a cold beer in your hands or watch the sunrise in the morning while warming up with a strong, hot coffee.

Hand cream

When you’re on a road trip, you tend to park the car and explore your surroundings. 

Is there a waterfall in the woods? Let go and snap a picture. 

The waves look beautiful on a windy day. Let’s park and have a drink on the beach. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, you are constantly switching from the inside of the car to the outside world. Your hands are going to be the first to suffer from exposure to the elements after spending a relaxing time in the A/C regulated vehicle. As such, a little tube of hand cream can do wonders to avoid cracks and rashes. 

Yoga mat

It might seem odd to want to do yoga on the road. But after a day in the car, you’ll be grateful for the opportunity to stretch and relax your muscles. 

In conclusion, it’s time to bring your cross-country road trip to the next level with these smart additions to your travel gear. Making your journey more comfortable brings a significant advantage, as you are likely to do more and remember more!