What To Do When You’re Involved In A Hit and Run Incident

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In most cases, unlicensed drivers or people driving under the influence of alcohol, quickly leave the scene if they are involved in an accident to avoid arrest. This is called a hit and run accident where the driver at fault flees soon after the incident.

However, if you are the victim of a hit and run, there are different steps that you should take to make injury claims. Even if you are unable to identify the driver who hit you, you can still get compensation. Read on to learn what to do when you are involved in a hit and run incident.  

Check If Everyone Is Safe

Check if all the passengers in your vehicle are safe after a hit and run accident. You need to move to safety and attend to the injured if you are lucky to escape unharmed. If you or any of the passengers are injured in the accident, call the ambulance so that the injured persons can get medical treatment. When you claim compensation under the hit and run statute, this information is required to assess the compensation you deserve depending on your injuries.   

Report Accident to the Police

You must report the accident to the police even if the at-fault driver flees the accident scene. There is a federal hit and run statute that aims to protect pedestrians and drivers. This law states that all drivers involved in an accident should remain at the scene until police officers arrive so that they can file a report. It is a serious offense to leave the accident scene, but many people who are at fault usually do not follow this law. Uninsured or drunk drivers are the biggest culprits, and they always try to find a way to avoid arrest, therefore, fleeing is the most viable option for them.  

Contact Your Lawyer

If you suffer serious injuries from an otherwise preventable accident, you are eligible to get fair compensation. However, the situation gets worse when you are involved in a hit and run accident. All the same, you need to call a personal injury lawyer immediately. The seasoned personal injury lawyers at https://www.trollingerlaw.com explain that dealing with the aftermath of the accident is an overwhelming experience that often leaves the victim with ongoing medical expenses and an inability to work. Hiring a reliable personal injury lawyer can give you peace of mind since they know how to handle different cases involving claims for injuries sustained in a hit and run accident. 

Do Not Leave The Accident Scene

While it may be tempting to chase the fleeing driver, you must know that this action could also compromise your position. The steps that you should take in a hit and run accident are not different from the measures you take in other road accidents. Leaving the scene also means that you are fleeing since you are expected to give a statement to the police and talk to other witnesses that may be around the site of the accident.

An accident is a horrific experience that can make you forget some of the things that take place. Therefore, you must write everything you remember and take photographs while waiting for the arrival of police officers. You must also observe the location of the accident and write down the likely causes of the crash and other pertinent details like model, make, the license plate of the other vehicle together with any distinguishing feature that you still remember. The information you gather from the scene will help the police to track the other driver. 

Contact Your Insurance Company 

After gathering all the information about the accident, including damages to your car and personal injuries, the final thing is to contact your insurance company. If you want to start any claim proceedings, you must have your paperwork in order like medical expenses. It is essential to provide all details to the police so that they can find the other driver. On the other hand, your insurance company should get all the necessary information so that they can decide the compensation that you deserve. 

When you are involved in a hit and run accident, the chances of identifying the culprit may be slim, but you can still get compensation. When the driver at fault flees the accident scene, there are different steps that you can take to be able to file a lawsuit. You must report the accident to the police and then contact your personal injury lawyer who can handle your case properly. Don’t forget to seek medical treatment as soon as you can, since skipping this step can weaken your claim.

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