A Practical Guide to Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

Trying to resolve issues yourself can be foolish, especially as you don't know the process and what red tape you may encounter along the way.

Car accidents happen, there are more cars on the roads now than ever before. There are drunk drivers on the roads and there are people driving without a license or correct paperwork. Accidents can be nothing more than reversing into another car in a parking lot, but quite often they can be bigger and a lot more serious, these can include incidents such as a multiple car pile up. A car accident may leave you with a wrecked car and potentially life-changing injuries. In addition, paying for car repairs or damage compensation may cost you a significant amount of money. If you have been involved in a car accident perhaps through no fault of your own then you will need to look for a lawyer. Trying to resolve issues yourself can be foolish, especially as you don’t know the process and what red tape you may encounter along the way.

So, start your search for a reliable car accident lawyer by following the tips below.

Top Tips For Choosing A Lawyer For Your Car Accident 

When it comes to picking a lawyer you must do your research. You don’t just want a run-of-the-mill lawyer. If you work with someone who has no background in handling car accident cases, you may encounter more problems in the future. According to the experts at NoogaLaw.com, you will need to look for an experienced lawyer who specializes in car accidents. You will want lawyers who have extensive knowledge and experience in handling car accident claims, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome and settlement.

Here are some top tips for getting the right lawyer for you:

Ask For Recommendations

One easy way to find a reliable lawyer is by asking people you know for recommendations. After all, you can feel more at ease about their work since someone you trust vouches for them. Perhaps a family member or work colleague has unfortunately been involved in a car accident before if they have then asked for their opinion. Whom did they use, were they any good, and most importantly would they use them again.

When asking for recommendations from acquaintances, you may also ask for the fees they paid, so you know how much you’ll spend to solve your car accident case.

Look At Experience

In this case, it is important to get a lawyer who is experienced in handling car accident claims. There are different legalities and formalities involved when seeking damages especially when claiming for medical fees, so go for a lawyer who has years of experience in this area. You may consider finding a law firm specializing in car accident cases. You can look for one near your area and ask for a consultation to check whether they can assist you.

Free Review

More often than often if a lawyer is offering a free case review they are interested in taking on your case. Never pay a lawyer to look at your case, and remember to always be suspicious if a lawyer takes you on without knowing the full details of your claim, it may be a front for a scam.

Take Advantage Of Testimonials On Their Website

On the lawyers’ website, check out customer testimonials, these accounts and reviews from real customers will help you see who you can trust to handle your claim, and ultimately get the best result for you. Additionally, you should inspect their site to ensure the reviews on their page are from real clients.


How easy is it to contact the lawyers you are interested in and are they quick to respond to any queries or questions you have? Think about this, If they don’t have time for you now, will they have time for you when it comes to dealing with the potential complexities that may arise within your car accident claim. So, it may be a better option to entrust your case to a lawyer who isn’t overloaded with clients. In this way, they can focus on your case and help you whenever you need them.

Coverage/Areas They Serve

Does the firm cover your area personally or do they hire out your case to other lawyers they might work alongside? If this is what they do will they be invested enough to ensure your claim is successful?

Social Media Profiles And Reviews

Lots of lawyers and firms are present on Social media, browse through what real people have had to say on their official pages. Are they responsive, do they care about people’s case – will they care about you and your case?

Success Rates

Besides experience, another aspect you should check when picking a car accident lawyer is their success rate. How successful are they at getting the compensation they went in for? How high is their success rate? If they have not been successful in the past with cases then why not – Do you want to trust a lawyer who might have lost the last few cases/claims.


Let’s get down to brass tacks now. How much do they charge and when is payment due. Is it a no win no fee? Is it pay as you go/pay in installments? Or are you able to pay when your claim gets settled?

Answering the above questions and being honest about what your own research uncovers will enable you to choose the lawyer that is right for you and your case. Ultimately only you know which lawyer you want to go with, but if you do your research and start your search off on the right foot you will not go far wrong. Take time now before you hire a lawyer to work out who is going to get you the best deal. Time invested at this stage will surely pay off when it comes to the claim/payout you end up receiving.

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