Do You Own Multiple Cars? Here’s Some Important Advice

If you own multiple cars, here's some advice that you can use.

As car prices increase, more people are choosing to have more than one car in the family. Some other cars are often used for commuting or when repairs are needed on the primary vehicle.  If you own multiple cars, here’s some advice that you can use.

1. Build a multiple car garage

A multiple-car garage can be a great addition to your property. It allows you the space and security to keep all of your vehicles in one place. If you have a problem with overcrowding or limited parking on your property, a new garage is typically the best solution. Builders frequently include this kind of structure as part of their comprehensive package for new properties, but they are also available from specialist garages.  You can expect to pay upwards of $30,000 for these buildings if purchased from a builder, while garages may charge up to $50,000 for one that is larger and more complex. If you need to build a 3 car garage, you will need to include removable walls that can be adjusted during construction. This is because some builders will install more permanent materials which are just too heavy for people to remove without equipment. If you are having the garage built by a specialist firm, they will be familiar with different methods and materials which can accommodate this.

2. Don’t park too close to the car doors 

You should never park too close to the side of your garage. Some people are tempted to do this in order to fit more cars into the building, but this can be very dangerous. If you get too close, there is a big chance that your car will suffer damage that could have been avoided. Cars are large objects, and they will take up most of the width of the garage—if you get too close, it won’t leave much room for maneuvering. You shouldn’t allow them to get closer than 1 cm from either side of your door when they are parked inside. This way, you can ensure that everyone has enough space between their vehicle and the walls or doors on both sides. With multiple cars, this can be vital, whether this is located at the back of your home or somewhere else. If you have a problem with overcrowding, then it may be smart to invest in a new structure that allows everyone enough space.

2. Getting multiple car insurance quotes

Getting multiple car insurance quotes can be time-consuming, but it is something that you should do to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. For some people, this process will go smoother if there is more than one driver in the household who needs coverage on their vehicles. You need to get information from each of your drivers—this includes details about age and driving experience as well as other personal factors like any accidents they have been involved in which could raise premiums later down the line. It’s also a good idea to sit down with older family members who may not currently require full coverage for themselves, but might be happy to include them on their existing policy for an extra premium. This way, everyone can benefit from the lower costs associated with multiple car insurance quotes.

3. Keeping your cars in good condition is important

Keeping your car in good condition is important, not just because it can help to avoid any accidents on the road. If you want to sell your car later down the line, you will find that this process goes much smoother if there are no marks or damage on your vehicle. You should treat all cars with care when they are in storage so that they don’t suffer any kind of damage while indoors. It’s also a good idea to use protective sprays for rubbing down leather interiors and leaving them without stains. There are cleaners that you can apply to alloy wheels in order to leave them looking shiny and new, even during off-season storage periods. If there is too much dirt buildup on exterior paints, then this may need polishing in order to remove it, but be sure to check with a specialist before you do this.

4. Consider double garage doors

If you are building a new home and have the chance to choose the type of garage door you would like for your structure, then it may be worthwhile to consider double garage doors. They are particularly useful if there is more than one car in the household that needs to fit into the building at once, but they also offer an extra layer of security against break-ins or other kinds of vandalism. If you cannot afford new doors right now, then if possible, try to avoid parking too close to the walls on both sides of your existing structure. This way, you can prevent any potential damage from occurring and make sure that everyone is safe when they need their cars. Also,  invest in a garage security system that can help to deter would-be criminals and allow you to monitor who is entering and exiting the property.

5. Car maintenance and checkups are important

Car maintenance and checkups are important, especially if you want to avoid any problems with your vehicles while they are stored indoors. It may be a good idea to get an inspection once per season so that you can detect any issues which could arise during the coming months. If there is anything wrong, then it allows you enough time to make repairs before you need your car again. Having multiple cars means that this can result in yearly costs, but it should be seen as an investment. The last thing you want is for your car to break down at the roadside when you really need it, or even worse—for something catastrophic like a fire or flood damage to occur while the cars aren’t being.

People who own multiple cars need to make sure that they are adequately covered for this. There are many things to consider when purchasing car insurance quotes, such as factors like age and driving experience, but also details about each of the vehicles themselves. Use our advice to get started with your search today, and hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best tips for yourself.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.