Ways to Tell if Your Car Accident Is Regular or a Personal Injury

There's a difference between a regular car accident and something that qualifies as a personal injury.
Medic applying bandage on the head of victim with serious damages sitting on the driver seat after the road accident. Providing emergency medical assistance

Car accidents are devastating no matter what way they occur. However, there’s a difference between a regular car accident and something that qualifies as a personal injury. A personal injury has the potential to bring you much more money than a regular car accident does. That’s why you need to know the difference. Here’s how you can tell if you qualify for a personal injury instead of a regular car accident:

Have You Suffered a Great Loss?

The most prevalent qualifying factor for a personal injury case is that you have suffered a great loss. Most people who survive car accidents have mounds of medical bills they need to pay. These persons may also have lost work wages, automotive repairs, therapy bills, medication fulfillment, household bill issues, and more. You might be eligible for help with a personal injury case if this is you.

Was Another Person Neglectful?

Another qualifying factor that determines whether a case is a personal injury is neglect. Neglect is a poor decision that puts someone else’s life in danger. It can be something the other person in the story does or doesn’t do, but the result of that action or failure to act causes someone else to experience an injury. You may be an excellent candidate for personal injury compensation if you believe that someone else’s negligence caused you to be in the predicament you are currently in. It might be time for you to see a specialist and have your case assessed.

Did the Neglect Cause Your Injury?

Neglect alone does not make you eligible for personal injury compensation. The negligence must be the reason for your injury. Many situations can qualify as neglectful ones, however. An example of neglect in a car accident is when a driver operates his or her vehicle under the influence of substances like alcohol or drugs. Distracted driving is also a situation that the courts may view as a neglectful one.

An animal owner can be deemed neglectful if he or she allows the pet to bite someone knowing that the pet has behaved in an aggressive manner in the past. Slip-and-fall injuries usually involve someone’s neglect in notifying other people of a certain danger.

Were You Partially Responsible?

You may have been partially responsible for the accident that fell upon you. That’s okay because, in the state of Nevada, you may still be eligible to receive a settlement. You might be entitled to both punitive and compensatory damages if you are less than 50 percent responsible for the incident. Therefore, you should not assume that you don’t qualify for personal injury compensation. Instead, schedule a meeting with a  reputable attorney so that you can discuss the possibilities. You might be thoroughly surprised at what the attorney says to you after he or she assesses your case.

Can You Prove the Other Person’s Neglect?

Finally, you’ll need to know if you can prove the other person’s neglect. You will know this once you take the time to visit a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. The car accident lawyer will assess your case and let you know if you have the potential to win it. Then you can choose to have that person represent you in your endeavors. He or she will fight to get the compensation for you if you qualify to receive it.

Now you know what type of car accident you’ve most likely been through. It’s now time to contact an attorney who can assist you with your case. Pick up a phone and dial a provider who specializes in such cases, and you will be quickly on your way to getting the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

Will Hopstetter
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