Kylie Jenner’s personal fleet: what cars does the model have in the garage?

It turned out that the star has a real passion for cars because in her fleet there are several luxury cars.

24-year-old Instagram star Kylie Jenner is an American model and businesswoman. She is a contestant on the television reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the founder of Kylie Cosmetics. It turned out that the star has a real passion for cars because in her fleet there are several luxury cars. We will talk about which cars the star of social networks prefers in this article.


Kylie just loves Ferrari! We counted 6 of them in her garage: a white Ferrari Italia, a black Ferrari 488, a silver Ferrari 488 Spider, a blue Ferrari 458 Italia, a yellow Ferrari 488 Spider, and a black LaFerrari (they are no longer produced, they are only made to order). By the way, there were rumors that the last beauty from the list was presented to her by her boyfriend Travis Scott (25) for $ 1.4 million in honor of the birth of her daughter.

Mercedes G-Wagon

Did you think that this car is a feature of the dashing 90s and the Black Star gang? It wasn’t there! Kylie is more often photographed against a background of black, but in a limited burgundy, this model looks bomb. And with star leggings, it is combined. We suspect that it was under them that she chose the shade.

Lamborghini Aventador

This is a clear favorite of Kylie. They even have their own mini love story on Instagram. By the way, she also has a black one. These babies cost the heiress 800 thousand dollars.


And this is a birthday present from her ex-boyfriend Taiga (28). We suspect that this is the most budgetary means of transportation in Kylie’s arsenal: 190 thousand dollars. Now the reason for the breakup has become clear.

Rolls Royce Wraith & Ghost

Kylie decided to take these models in three colors at once: white, black, and burgundy. The Wraith is the most powerful and fastest model in the entire Rolls-Royce family. The brand has created a coupe that combines timeless noble design with unsurpassed dynamics, power, and distinctive aesthetics, inspired by the bright personality of the founder of the company. The creators attributed the car to the “grand tourism” class, but there is no hint of the brutality and fury of the GT classics in it. He is agile and strong, and with a lively and dynamic temperament, but he is mindful of the comfort of the driver and passengers. This car combines a thirst for adventure, a love of adventurous speed, and impeccable looks. If you don’t have all these machines, but you also want to experience vivid emotions and adventures – play casino with CasinoChan login. Here you can not only enjoy the game but also make good money.

Aaron Turpen
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