Useful Tips For Traveling With A Baby

Extra planning is necessary when taking a baby or toddler along with you.

Whether you’re embarking on an international journey or merely a short-distance trip, family travel can be fun for you and your children, making treasured memories that will last a lifetime. But to ensure a secure and comfortable journey, extra planning is necessary when taking a baby or toddler along with you.

When traveling with the family, there are a lot of things to consider between carry-on luggage, strollers, diaper bags, your personal belongings, and the children themselves. Even when pushing a stroller, at least one hand must be free to help you navigate your trip.

Buying a child carrier can be a great solution, as it allows you to wear your child through the airport.  It also frees up your hands, so you can easily wear your diaper bag too. A backpack diaper bag can also make a world of a difference, and can be worn by yourself or your partner. However, be advised that most airlines won’t permit you to use the baby carrier while flying.

Bring the Essentials for the Baby

It’s wise to bring as much baby gear as possible, even if your research might indicate that hotels or other lodgings provide some essential baby items. If a hotel offers cribs, for instance, it’s preferable to carry your own travel crib if you can do so unless you can ensure that the cribs are compliant with safety standards.

Your baby will also need bottles, bibs, diapers and wipes, pacifiers, and other items when traveling. For ease of access, keep these in a separate diaper bag!

Maintain Consistent Feeding and Sleep Schedules

Even when crossing into different time zones it is best to maintain feeding and sleeping habits when travelling with babies, especially newborns and infants. Children struggle to adapt to new routines, so a little consistency goes a long way.

If you’re travelling across several time zones and can’t keep to your child’s feeding schedule, consider adjusting it gradually. The most important thing is to make sure your baby is comfortable, and to feed your baby whenever they are hungry, regardless of the time.

Check the Seat Belt

It is imperative to always check your baby’s seatbelt while travelling because you never know when you might encounter a car accident on the road. You can find the best stroller in NZ, which will allow for a safe and comfortable journey for both you and your child.

Offering Amusement

Your newborn may sleep for a good portion of the journey, but an energetic toddler probably won’t! Whether in the car, on the train, or in the air, it helps to provide some entertainment while travelling with a baby who is a little older and more awake. Soft toys and picture books are a great way to keep your little one entertained on a long journey.

Develop Car Games

Keep your child occupied in the car by playing some entertaining games! Your youngster might love playing ‘I Spy’, or even counting objects they notice outside the window. A great way to keep children happy on long journeys is to interact with them; singing songs and playing games can help a long trip feel shorter. Another simple option is to provide some toys for the child to play with –  a simple tray that attaches to the back of one of the front seats and includes a variety of items for the kids to touch, look at, and listen to can help keep them distracted.

Alicia Baker
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