2013 Belmont Shore Auto Show, classics and off-the beaten path

[singlepic id=3008 w=320 h=240 float=none]The Belmont Shore Car Show is always a fun event.  Although the accent is on muscle cars, a few unique cars can be spotted in the mix.


Roger and His Uncle’s XK140 MC Jaguar.

Belmont Shore Car Show 2013It was hard not to stop when we saw Roger’s Jaguar.  It taunted us with an original paint job.  What surprised us even more was the original leather interior and original chrome.  His uncle was the first owner and lovingly kept it in a heated garage.  Roger inherited it, as will his children and hopefully, grand children.  He lovingly brings it to events and loves to educate a younger generation about these fantastic cars of a bygone pioneering era.  The results speak for itself, a completely original and unmolested Jaguar XK140 that stopped many in their tracks.


Joe and his original Datsun Z.

Belmont Shore Car Show 2013We met Joe who brought his beautiful Datsun 240Z.  What stopped us were the Japanese license plate.  This car had a story to tell.  Joe was in Japan and brought it back in 1974 when local friends had to get rid of it.  You see, the dog wouldn’t fit in the car!  Luckily for us, Joe brought it back to the US where he regularly drove it.  In 2002 he decided to refresh the car, which turned into a 10 year long restoration project.  Today the car is new again and looks ready to go — and go — and go.


Gary and his Bonneville Triumph.

Belmont Shore Car Show 2013Gary has this big smile on his face as he talks to the curious onlookers about his Triumph Bonneville.  The slightly modified Triumph looks sharp and according to Joe, a blast to ride.  With a unique distributor mated on the right side of the bike over the selector, we asked him how easy it is to drive the Triumph.  As long as you don’t wear thick heavy boots, remember this is California, you can get away with it.

What caught our attention is that the bike is for sale — at $35,000.  Of course, Joe is only kidding but we couldn’t help but wonder if we gave him that money, would he part from it?

Nicolas Zart
Born and raised around classic cars, it wasn't until Nicolas drove an AC Proulsion eBox and a Tesla Roadster that the light went on. Eager to spread the news about those amazing full torque electric vehicles, he started writing about this amazing technology and its social impacts in 2007. Today, Nicolas covers renewable energy, test drives cars, does podcasts and films. Nicolas offers an in-depth look at the e-mobility world through interviews and the many contacts he made in those industries. His articles are also published on Teslrati, CleanTechnica, the Beverly Hills Car Club and Medium. "There are more solutions than obstacles." Nicolas Zart