Porsche Cayenne S Review 2015

The team at Porsche might be renowned for designing some of the best sports cars of all time, but their latest Cayenne S model has been immense popularity. The four-wheel drive family vehicle offers the utmost in luxury without compromising on comfort or safety. Anyone who purchases that model is guaranteed to be in the best position possible when driving on the roads. Driver, passenger, and rear airbags come as standard. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking the Cayenne S isn’t capable of reaching high speeds. As you will discover in a moment, it’s quite a fast ride considering it was built to cater for the family and business markets.

First introduced in 2002, the Cayenne S has undergone quite a few design changes since it reached the public market. It continues to be the most talked about SUV since Suzuki’s X-90. Starting at just over $75,000, it’s certainly not cheap. As with anything else in this world though, you get what you pay for.


When taken out on the track, the Cayenne S proved to be more than adequate. Handling was comfortable, and the car was easy to control. That was the case, even when traveling at over 130 km/h. While it doesn’t go round corners quite as well as the Subaru Legacy, that is no surprise considering the size of the vehicle. With a six-cylinder engine that sports a top speed of 259 km/h, we found the car a dream to drive.


There can be no denying the Cayenne S offers the utmost in premium car design. Not only does it look fantastic on the outside, but the interior is to die for. With full leather seats as standard, anyone who buys this model is in for a real treat. While the windows are not tinted on standard models, many owners decide to sort that out for themselves. You should do the same thing. It makes a huge difference to the aesthetics of this model. We looked at the price of window tinting in Spokane and a few other areas. Thankfully, it was much cheaper than we first imagined.

Fuel consumption

If you’re somewhat of an eco-warrior, you may find an issue with the Cayenne S  when it comes to fuel consumption. Porsche has never been at the forefront of green car technology though, and so that is to be expected. Some editions are better than others though. The V8 version is probably the worst at only 18 mpg. You’re certainly not going to save the planet by purchasing that car, but it is somewhat of a status symbol.

Will you invest in a Porsche Cayenne S in 2015? Either way, we hope this post has helped to put the record straight. While there aren’t too many other reviews online of the latest edition, you shouldn’t have to look too hard to find more information. Porsche’s website is pretty good, but you should also check the likes of Top Gear. Those sites publish lots of interesting posts on a regular basis.

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Emily Muelford
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