Tesla Motors Announces a New Model S 70D, Ditches the 60

Tesla Model S 70PSo long, the S 60 with your 60 kWh battery pack and your range of 208 miles. Tesla introduces a new 70 kWh unit and makes the D variant available for almost all Model S. The 60 and S 85 are retired, making the 85 the only rear-wheel drive. Welcome the Model S 70D.

New Tesla Model S 70D

Tesla Motors is moving its line of Model S offering with mostly the D version available, i.e., the dual motor. It has just announced the replacement of the S 60 for a Model S 70D with added features for an extra $5,000. The S 70D comes with a 70 kWh battery pack and the new dual motors drivetrain for 329 HP. Other specs a 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and a range of 240 miles, but it will not have the famous Insane mode. You’ll have to sprint for a P85D, pun intended.

Speaking of which, just to keep your mouth-watering and wanting more, the S 85D has its horsepower increased to 422.

Model S 70D, Options

The Model S 70D comes with the Supercharging capacity included, as well as the auto pilot software features, which won’t be ready until May 2015.

So far, all Model S come with the following:

– Free long distance travel on the Tesla SuperCharger Network

– Automatic Keyless Entry

– Parking Sensors

– Power-folding and heated Side Mirrors

– Maps and Navigation with real-time traffic updates

– LED daytime running lights

– Blind Spot Warning system

– Automatic emergency braking

– 8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty on all Model S

– GPS enabled Homelink

– Lane Departure Warning system

Tesla Model S 70D, Pricing

Although Tesla Motors chose to advertise the new P70D for $57,500, or $17,500 below MSRP if owners take full advantage of the $7,500 federal tax credit and the $10,000 “gas savings” brakes, the real price is $75,000 plus tax and fees. This is causing a big stir on the Tesla Motors Club site.

Subzero Weather Package is $1000

Premium Interior Package is $5000 (this package is necessary if you want the Power Liftgate, Lighted Door Handles and the LED Cornering Lights)

Autopilot Convenience Features are $2500

The tech package is now gone, which leaves the updated LED headlights and a power lift gate options left.

Tesla Model S 70D

One thing we noticed is that autopilot features will now be included as an optional package, whose name has been changed to the Autopilot Convenience Package.

Tesla Motors added three new colors, the Ocean Blue, Obsidian Black and Warm Silver.

Considering a $5,000 increase form the old Model S 60 gives you a 70 kWh pack with greater range, we feel the tradeoff is not bad. The extra five thousand dollars gets you 514 HP, a top speed of 140 MPH and a few packages options with more standard equipment, including the Supercharger system, whch used to cost $2,000 option.

Nicolas Zart
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