Study Tips for Passing Your Driving Theory Test

The theory test has been a major part of learning to drive for almost two decades now, and whether you are someone who has just become old enough to drive and is learning, or someone who is learning to drive later in life and remembers the times when there was only a practical test, it will be something you’re likely to be thinking about how to prepare for.

The theory test has evolved from one basic multiple choice test on the Highway Code into a test designed to test not only your knowledge of the Highway Code, but also traffic signs, and how well you identify potential hazards. Here are some tips to help you study:


  • Read the Whole Highway Code Book


The very first thing you should do is read The Highway Code in its entirety. This contains basically all of the information that will come up in the exam, so it is your primary resource for getting started in preparing. You may find some of it a little bit obvious or basic, especially if you are older and have absorbed a lot of knowledge just through general life experience or you have spent time on the road as a cyclist, however, it is important to read it all. Highlight the areas you think you are going to struggle to remember after one pass through, so when you refer back to it during your studies you can avoid re-reading the parts you are very comfortable with.


  • Take Lots of Practice Tests


Once you’ve read the Highway Code, you will probably want to see how much you have remembered. Some people are basically ready to take the test just by poring over the book a little, whereas others need to revise more, so to see how close you are to being ready you should try some mock driving theory test questions, which you can find for free at Like the real test, these mock tests are randomly generated from a bank of questions, so you can test yourself repeatedly and get a new test every time. It pays to spend time doing this so you can identify the subjects you are weakest on, as well as seeing what kind of score you are averaging.


  • Get Someone Who Can Drive To Test You


While the online tests are a huge help, what they can’t do is answer questions you might have about the questions you get wrong, so it can be a good idea to get someone who can drive to test you, too, so that you can discuss with them anything you are struggling to remember or understand.

By doing these things, you can fully prepare yourself so that you can take your driving theory test in a relaxed, confident state knowing that you have read the Highway Code and practiced thoroughly. All that’s left then is to get a good night’s sleep beforehand, stay calm, and do your best on the day!

Randy Cox
An automotive enthusiast his entire life, Randy is a retired dealership sales manager from the southwestern United States. He enjoys sharing his continuing passion for automotive through a local automotive club newsletter and is new to the whole Internet thing.