5 Things in Your Car That Come in Handy During Emergencies

No one wants to get stuck in an emergency situation when you’re driving down the road, just trying to get home or to another destination. However, as we all know too well, sometimes life just happens and we end up in some kind of emergency. It’s best to ensure that you’re fully prepared for an eventuality whenever you’re driving. Whether that is getting into a crash or hitting some seriously bad weather, there are plenty of things that can happen when you’re driving on the road.

The good news is that there are plenty of simple things you can keep in your car to keep the worst from happening in an emergency. Keep reading down below to learn more about these items and stay safe out there!

  1. A Spare Tire

Of course, the first thing that you’re going to want to keep in your car is a spare tire. You absolutely never know when you pay run over a nail or hit something that causes your tire to deflate. This is something that you’ll likely not even notice until a couple of hours after it happens. However, if you were to get a flat tire, this would mean that you’d be stuck on the side of the road for a while waiting for help to arrive.

Instead of waiting for help, just keep a spare tire in your trunk for those moments when you do need to replace the tire. Make sure to keep all of the proper tools with the tire for raising up your car and getting the old tire in and the new tire on.

  1. Jumper Cables

Your car’s battery has a way of dying in the most inopportune moments. Now, this can either be because of your own fault in leaving the lights on when you leave the car or just because your car’s battery is low on juice. No matter the reason, it’s a good idea to have jumper cables in your car handy for when you need to give the battery some juice. You can hook up your car to another car and kick-start your car to get it back onto the road and into the shop to have that battery looked at. You can pick these up at the same auto shop where you buy your Corvette parts and accessories, too!

  1. A First Aid Kit

One of the most handy and important things to keep around for emergency situations is a first-aid kit. Now, even though this is pretty common sense, you would be surprised at how many people don’t keep a first-aid kit in their cars. You never know what could happen on the road and the first-aid kit is the best thing to keep in the trunk.

You can easily find one at your local store that comes with everything from bandages to rubbing alcohol to certain medications.

  1. A Flashlight

Flashlights are something simple and easy to keep in your car for emergency situations. Imagine that you’re driving on the road at night and something starts happening with your car. You have to pull over, but without a flashlight, there’s no way for you to get out and see what’s actually happening with your car. When you have a flashlight or two in your car, this will give you the light you need to check and see what the problem is. When picking out a flashlight, it’s best to go with an LED light that’s going to be the brightest and last you a long time without replacing the batteries.

  1. Some Blankets

Lastly, you should be sure to keep some blankets in the back of your car for emergencies. If you end up getting stuck on the side of the road at night, you might have to wait a while for some help to arrive. And you don’t want to risk getting any cold-related illnesses or conditions while waiting for that help. You can wrap up in these blankets while you try to pass the time!

And there you have it. Make sure to keep these emergency items stocked in your car for those moments when you need them the most. It’s way better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the dangerous situations you might find yourself in on the road.