What Are My Rights If A Texting Driver Caused My Car Accident?

It is illegal in most areas for a driver to text while driving, and any driver caught texting while driving can be charged in a court of law. Consequently, if such a driver causes your accident, you have several rights which will help you get compensated. Here are your primary rights if a texting driver caused your car accident.

Right to record details of the driver

Among your main rights after being involved in an accident caused by another texting driver is taking the other driver’s details. The importance of this is to ensure that the driver does not escape and avoid answering for the offense. Some drivers tend to run away after they have caused accidents so that they can escape from justice.

Honourable drivers will stop and give you their details willingly and without hesitations. But if the driver resists or tries to escape, you have the right to take pictures and record videos of the vehicle and the driver. You should then present these details to the police and the Dallas car accident attorney you are working with.

Right to Access to the nearby surveillance recordings

It is usually challenging to prove that the other driver was texting after an accident without evidence showing that the driver was actually texting. One of the ideal ways of getting reliable evidence is through the surveillance cameras that recorded the accident. The cameras can belong to individuals, companies, or the authorities that deal with road safety.

Among your rights include requesting the recordings from the owners so that you can show that the driver was texting. You can consult your Dallas car accident attorney to understand the exact legal provisions that give you the right to the surveillance recordings. Any person or entity that denies you access to the recordings can be compelled by the law to produce them.

Right to seeking medical attention

The most important thing after being involved in an accident is getting medical help. This includes the accidents that are usually caused by texting drivers. You can call an ambulance immediately or go to the nearest hospital even before waiting for the police to come and resolve the issue.

The right to medical care is important because your health is more important than any other thing involved. The other driver might request you to wait so that you can resolve the issues surrounding the accident. But the law allows you to leave the scene immediately and seek medical help before dealing with anything else.

Right to legal representation

Several delicate legal issues quickly come into focus as a result of negligent drivers causing texting while driving accidents. This gives you the right to contact your car accident attorney to help in dealing with the legal matters. They can even help you file the police report so that the report can meet all the legal requirements. By choosing the right attorney, you are assured that you will have justice in the process of seeking compensation. Therefore, you should always be sure to involve your attorney after being in an accident that a texting driver caused to increase your chances of being compensated.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.