How To File An Injury Claim Against A Drunk Driver

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents worldwide. So if you’ve gotten injured out of such incidents, you can seek compensation under tort law.
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Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents worldwide. So if you’ve gotten injured out of such incidents, you can seek compensation under tort law.

Also known as personal injury, the tort law requires the faulty driver to compensate you for the pain and the lost time as you file the case. Besides, it’ll be the responsibility of the negligent driver to clear all your medical bills, if any. However, you must follow the correct procedure when filing an injury claim and provide adequate evidence.   

You can file an injury claim against a drunk driver by taking the essential steps discussed below.

  • Find A Suitable Personal Injury Lawyer

Filing a car accident claim might not always be easy as you think. It is especially true if you’re severely injured and need time to rest in a hospital.

Also, there might be many legal procedures you may not be aware of surrounding car accident lawsuits. You’ll likely lose the case if you don’t follow the proper procedures. Anyone will want to hire a personal injury lawyer when filing car crash claims.

A personal injury lawyer is a trained legal professional who provides services to people who have injuries out of another person’s negligence. The chosen attorney will take full responsibility for filing the lawsuit on your behalf to allow you more time to heal the wounds.

Besides, the lawyer will help interpret complex car crash laws to ensure you remain on track when seeking compensation.

The work of a personal injury lawyer doesn’t stop there. They’ll also negotiate for better compensation. However, you must ensure you’re working with a suitable solicitor.

When finding a personal injury lawyer, the major factors include educational qualifications, experience, location, availability, and better negotiation skills.   

  • Take Photos Of The Accident Scene

Any legal case should always base on evidence. You’ll likely get no compensation if you don’t manage to prove the occurrence of the accident. That’s where taking photos becomes a crucial step.

Photos provide evidence to show that the accident took place. You can use them to build a strong car accident claim. If your car was damaged in a road accident because another driver was a drunkard, take pictures of the scene.

If any of your body parts were also injured in the accident, it’s also good to have pictures. It is crucial, especially when you see any sign of delay in your case.   

Note that any injured body part heals gradually until it gets well. That’s to say that, after several weeks or months, it might be challenging to prove that you were injured in an accident some time back. However, you can take photos of the injured parts and store them for future reference. They’ll act as evidence of the accident to help you develop a strong case.   

  • Talk To Witnesses

Another vital thing to do after being involved in an accident caused by a drunkard driver is to talk to witnesses. These are people who saw how the accident took place. You’ll get them around the scene and provide additional evidence to help create a strong case and maximize your compensation.   

After the accident, check around the scene to see whether you can find two or three people who have witnessed the car accident. After getting them, take their names and contact information like phone numbers and email addresses. Doing so will allow you to engage and connect with them when the right time comes.   

  • Visit The Nearest Hospital   

Although most people ignore it, visiting a hospital is another essential step you should consider when filing an injury case against a drunk driver. It enables you to get immediate medical attention to promote your recovery process.   

Even if you don’t feel any pain after the accident, make sure you visit the hospital. The doctor will examine parts of your body to determine and diagnose any internal injury. It is one of the best strategies to avoid future complications.   

Getting medication isn’t the only reason you want to visit a hospital after a car accident. Gathering evidence could be another important reason.   

After examining the injured parts of your body, the doctor will draft a medical report. You can take the written documents to the court to prove the accident injuries. It also increases your chances of receiving sufficient compensation.   


If you get injuries and believe another driver’s drunkenness caused it, you can file a case seeking compensation. However, you must provide ample sound evidence that a drunkard driver caused the injuries. Follow the strategies in this article to build a strong car accident injury claim.

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