Top 4 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid For Your Auto Repair Business

Many auto repair businesses commit marketing mistakes impeding their growth.

Starting an auto repair business requires the right marketing strategies to get customers in the door of your auto repair shop. You should have marketing campaigns that you can quickly analyze to track what strategies are working or not. You should know what your target customers enjoy from your content and where the visitors are coming from. However, many auto repair businesses commit marketing mistakes impeding their growth. 

  1. Website Design Mistakes

These days, auto repair shop marketing includes creating a professional website for your business. That’s because most customers refer online when looking for services or products that they need. To ensure that your website will rank high on search engine results pages, you should consider avoiding the following mistakes when designing your website: 

  • Not Creating Mobile Friendly Sites: Your site should be mobile-friendly because most consumers use smartphones when browsing the internet. So, when your site isn’t mobile-friendly, chances are, your visitors will leave your site because the page loads slowly on their smartphones. As a result, you cut out many potential clients. In addition, search engine crawlers may punish your site, thereby not quickly ranking it if you don’t prioritize mobile-friendliness. 
  • Too Empty Or Overwhelming: After arriving at your website, visitors are more likely to bounce off of it when it’s visually busy or overwhelming. This means your landing page has too much information. While your purpose may be to introduce visitors to your company and services, some might get confused and overloaded when there are tons of images and texts. Meanwhile, other auto repair shop websites have too little design. An empty website is an extreme of minimalism, which could give your visitors more questions about your business. Thus, ensuring that your site has essential and sufficient information is best. 
  1. Not Hiring Professional SEO And Google Ads Manager

It’s possible to go DIY on your search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads campaigns. However, you must invest your time and effort in learning how these marketing techniques work to ensure that they’ll yield results. Some even require learning the technical side of such marketing strategies. While learning such is okay, you may not have to focus well on your auto repair shop business because you need to give more time to learning SEO and Google Ads. 

Instead, you may want to consider hiring Google Ads and SEO experts to create and manage such campaigns. They already know how the algorithm works, so they can apply techniques that would work well in your business. You may pay them for their services, but it’ll be worth it because such responsibility is a full-time job.

  1. Marketing To The Wrong People

Another mistake is when you’re targeting the general public, such as offering your promotions to visitors living in other states. Since your business has a local business address, it’s vital to consider the location of your target market. You want nearby customers to check your site and learn about your business to encourage them to visit it. This means you should focus your marketing strategies on the market in the neighborhoods near you. You can determine where your customers live by conducting a penetration report. The report can help you determine the best areas so you can send your promotions to the neighbors of your current customers. 

Moreover, you should create an interesting offer. Start with good deals on oil changes instead of brakes, which are big-ticket items. Offering such is a low-risk transaction for your business and the customer. When they appear in your shop, you can take an opportunity to upsell a service, especially if you find problems while servicing their vehicle. 

You should also avoid sending out your offer inconsistently. This means you should send one monthly or weekly, as long as it’s consistent. 

  1. Using Many Marketing Channels

Your target audience may be scattered online, prompting you to use different marketing channels. While marketing is omnichannel, your budget and time as a business owner may be limited to practice such. Typically, people may have to see your content ten times before they can recognize or be persuaded to check your business. Imagine if you’ll use websites, funnels, blogs, ads, newsletters, Instagram, and Facebook. You may have to spend much before reaching your target market’s subconscious mind. 

Instead of spending much on uncertainties, check your budget and focus on one medium before jumping to another. Ensure you’ve analyzed where your target market is spending their time online. 


Digital marketing benefits businesses as they can target customers near or around their shop, especially auto repair shops. However, you need to do it right. Avoid the marketing mistakes above so you can expect positive results.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.