Everything You Need To Know About Electric Neighborhood Vehicles

An electric neighborhood vehicle is a golf cart look-alike.

Electric neighborhood vehicles (NEVs) are ideal for an effortless drive around the community, malls, and family trips. They’re affordable and easy to maintain. These vehicles are tiny and can fit in small parking. Suppose you don’t know much about these vehicles or you’re planning on investing in one, continue reading to learn more about them.

What Is An Electric Neighborhood Vehicle (NEV)?

An electric neighborhood vehicle is a golf cart look-alike. However, a NEV is electrically-powered and can travel faster than a golf cart. NEV can withstand a maximum weight of 1361 kg or 3,000 lbs.

What Is The Difference Between A Golf Cart And An Electric Neighborhood Vehicle?

It might be challenging to differentiate between a golf cart from an electric neighborhood vehicle based on their physical appearance. However, several major aspects separate a golf cart from an electric neighborhood or low-speed vehicle.

First, the speed limit for golf carts is 15mph, while electric neighborhood vehicles are required to go at a speed of 25mph and beyond. Additionally, an electric neighborhood vehicle comes with headlights, mirrors, seat belts, turn signals, and a vehicle identification number (VIN). Electric neighborhood vehicles are also cleared to use public roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less.

Can An Electric Neighborhood Vehicle Be Operated On Highways?

Yes, you can operate your electric neighborhood vehicle on highways. However, there are rules and regulations to follow when doing so. For example, as stated in the previous point, electric neighborhood vehicles must go 35mph or less. Therefore, if the particular highway you’re looking forward to using stipulates vehicles to drive at a speed of 45mph, you might not be allowed to use a neighborhood vehicle.

However, if the road allows a speed limit of 35mph or less, you can freely use a neighborhood vehicle. Generally, an electric neighborhood vehicle is a self-propelled, electrical, four-wheeled vehicle that is environmentally friendly and is fit to use on highways with low-speed limits.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge An Electric Neighborhood Vehicle?

Recharging a completely dead battery for an electric neighborhood vehicle using a 110-volt outlet can take six to eight hours. However, there are faster chargers that reduce the recharging time to one hour. These chargers are commonly found in public charging stations serving many clients.

Do Electric Neighborhood Vehicles Require Registering?

Operating an unregistered electric neighborhood vehicle is illegal, primarily if you use public roads. Local laws stipulate that an electric neighborhood vehicle should be registered, titled, insured, and operated by a licensed driver.

What Are The Ideal Areas To Drive An Electric Neighborhood Vehicle?

While you can drive your NEV on highways, these vehicles are ideal for moving around the neighborhood, beach, and town streets at night when there are fewer cars.

Nevertheless, since neighborhood vehicles are likely here to stay, many cities have invested in path lanes and roads ideal for NEVs. This move has been made to reduce vehicle emissions, lower roads wear and tear, and reduce gasoline dependency.

Why Should You Invest In An Electric Neighborhood Vehicle?

There are many reasons and benefits for investing in electric neighborhood vehicles. Here are some major ones:

  • Electric Neighborhood Vehicles Are Environmentally Friendly

The world is ever-changing, and the climate can attest to that. Due to constant environmental pollution, the atmosphere is being affected, releasing its wrath on nature. According to experts, if nothing is done immediately, nature will turn against humanity.

That said, everyone must find ways to impact nature and reduce pollution. This is where electric neighborhood vehicles come in. They’re electrically powered and don’t emit toxic fumes. They also don’t make lots of noise. With such cars, noise pollution and gas emissions will likely reduce considerably.

  • They Are Affordable

Compared to purchasing a typical vehicle, electric neighborhood vehicles are more affordable. You can find a two-seater NEV selling at USD$8,000. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to driving a cheap car, you may consider a NEV.

  • They Are Easily Recharged

Many people avoid purchasing electric vehicles due to recharging. However, this shouldn’t be the case regarding electric neighborhood vehicles. They’re recharged with widely available 110-volt chargers; hence you can charge your car anywhere.

  • They Fit into Tiny Parking

Suppose you’re yet to purchase a vehicle due to parking scarcity. If that’s the case, an electric neighborhood vehicle might be your ideal solution since it’s tiny and can fit into small areas.

  • Spares For These Vehicles Are Cheap

Purchasing a vehicle is one thing, and maintaining it is another thing. Once a car has broken down, you might use a considerable amount to return it to its working condition. Fortunately, NEV spare parts are cheap and widely available. This makes maintaining such vehicles easy.

  • They Are Versatile

Electric neighborhood vehicles come in different sizes, makes, and colors to fit every individual needs. They also come with different accessories. You can easily access a two-seater NEV for a tiny family or a six-seater for a large one. Some NEVs come with trailer beds and ample storage to make life easier.

  • Easily Customized

Electric neighborhood vehicles are easily customized. Therefore, a NEV might be your ideal option if you’re into driving unique cars. For example, you can change the color and accessories to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Impact Of Electric Neighborhood Vehicles On The Road And Transportation Sector

Large and heavy public vehicles are designed daily. Even if these cars are electric, their impact on roads is devastating. Fortunately, NEVs have come to make a difference. They’re lighter and tiny; hence, they don’t congest cities nor interfere with road integrity. Given that they’re affordable, fast, and electric, they’ll leave a positive mark on the roads and transportation arena since many people are likely to invest in them.


Electric neighborhood vehicles (NEVs) are similar to golf carts but are electrically powered. They’re fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly. They can be driven on highways under a speed limit of 35mph. These vehicles should be registered and driven by a licensed driver and come in different sizes for small and large-size families. If you’re looking forward to making your movement around the neighborhood and city easy, an electric neighborhood vehicle might be your ideal solution.

Robert Cooke
Rob is a certified mechanic and long-time automotive enthusiast who has worked on everyday passenger vehicles, race and rally cars, and derby cars.