Electric Car Review Weekly, June 8, 2013

MotoCzysz racing at the Laguna Seca racetrack full speed on the front straight

MotoCzysz Wins Fourth Straight TT Zero. Nope, we won’t force you to pronounce MotoCzysz but this veteran of electric motorcycle racing team has snatched its fourth consecutive win at the Isle of Man. Sadly our thoughts are with Michael Czysz who is battling cancer at this moment. Godspeed Michael.
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Are Luxury Cars An Oxymoron? It has to make you wonder why we insist on weighing down electric cars with leather and other creature comfort we neither really need, nor help the limited range of EVs. Aristocracy used leather for the driver outside weathering the elements. They would only sat on virgin wool, not a dead cow.
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Electric World Speed Record. A new electric car world speed record in the making with Drayson Racing Technologies.
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Elsewhere From our Green News Friends.

Electric Car Sales Increase Steadily. Did you ever doubt it or are you drinking the mass-media generic news Kool-Aid? Much like how hybrids were snubbed two decades ago, electric cars are making inroads nonetheless, even in this recession. To make it even better, those numbers are beating hybrids sales from back then. Click here if you missed it.

Electric Cars and Politics Do Not Mix Well! Paul Scott is a good guy and might have been a little too honest when he announced his desire to talk to the current President about electric cars at a fund raiser. So what happened when the news caught wind of it? The DNC rejected Paul’s $32,000 dollars. Just another case of how far away removed politics are from every day life.
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After NC, Now Texas Says No To Tesla. You know the car dealership of America is sweating profusely when they lobby tooth and nail a small startup, Tesla from selling its small amount of cars to us. The good news? Tesla is rattling the cage of this outdated business model. If a small startup can scare them like this, what will happen tomorrow when electric cars are everywhere?
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Tesla Motors 25% GM’s Worth. Don’t feel bad for Tesla Motors, which is now valued at 25% of GM. Who would have believe d this four years ago that an independent start up could rival the number 1. Tesla’s stock is still climbing as Elon Musk hints again at a low-priced entry-level car to compete with Nissan’s Leaf.
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Electric Car Price War. The electric car price war is raging with Chevy throwing its weight around with a sub-$20,000 electric Spark (http://carnewscafe.com/2013/05/chevy-spark-ev-price-announced-at-27495/) A swift reply came from the competition with Fiat with an attractive leasing option, $199 a month for 36 months with $999 down.  But wait, there’s more. Now Honda has lowered its Fit EV leasing to $259 a month with no down payment, a free Leviton 240-volt charger and unlimited miles! And the free EVSE means it’s yours after the lease is over.
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Tommy Kaira’s New Electric Car. Tommy who? Unless you are ZZ sportscar and Sony/Polyphony’sGranTurismo series video games fan, you might not be familiar with the kid on the block. The gist, 850 kg, that’s 1874 Lbs, using a 305 hp, 300 lb-ft electric motor pushing a 0 to 60 over 3.9 seconds. Not based on a Lotus, this fun EV will cost you $78,000.

Hat tip Gas2.org.

That’s it for this weekend. Stay tuned for Electric Car Weekly next week.

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