How to squeeze more efficiency from your Electric Vehicle

Ford C-MAX Solar Energi solar panel
Ford C-MAX Solar Energi solar panel

Mitsubishi solar panelsDriving an electric vehicle (EV) means maximizing your battery for optimum range. Here are a few solar alternative tools to help you raise your efficiency.

Solar panels to charge EVs.

One of the best way to feel good about your daily commute is to charge your EV solar energy. Since more businesses install work chargers, many also invest in photovoltaic (PV) systems to cut their energy bill. You can do the same at home if you choose to install solar panels. With enough planning and if you work for the right company, you can drive all day long on nothing more than sunlight power.

Solar chargers come in all sizes.

Solar chargers and energy storage systems come in all sizes and shapes. Starting with car parking solar canopies to small chargers for your electronic devices, you can add extra charging power to your EV. Choosing the right solar tool will not only help you maximize your EV range, but also power your smart phone and smart devices without using your EV battery.

A simple and cool solution is to keep a solar charger secured on the dash-board of your vehicle. As you drive during the day, you can plug into it your smart devices and avoid using your EV’s batteries. Another option is to install a carport solar charger. Carport solar chargers are cheaper than building garages and produce energy from the sun. They are ideal when can’t install solar panels on your roof.

Switching lights to LEDs.

One of the most efficient way to manage the energy drain on an EV driving at night is to replace light bulbs with LED lighting. Why? LEDs are generally eight times more efficient than regular automotive bulbs. What this means is that your EV will spend eight times less energy powering all lights… or you can drive eight times longer. Whichever you choose, you’ll get more range.

We could go on forever hailing the virtues of solar energy and LED lights, but we wonder what do you do to lower your energy consumption without sacrificing your lifestyle?

Nicolas Zart
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