SNL Skit ridicules Mary Barra and GM Ignition Recall [VIDEO]

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Saturday Night Live (SNL) loves to make fun of Congressional testimonies and this week was no different as they took to ridiculing Mary Barra, the first woman to run GM, when she appeared before congress this past week over GM’s ignition switch recall.  (Honestly it was over the lack of a recall.)

The opening skit for April 5th, 2014 showed Barra in a Congressional hearing answering questions with, “I don’t know!” and “We’re looking into that.” and pointing out that she is part of “New GM.”  Basically this means she can’t answer questions about “Old GM” even though she’s worked at GM for over 30 years.  At one point during the GM ignition recall hearing she tries to leave to avoid answering questions.

I thought the SNL skit making fun of the GM ignition recall was pretty funny.  Like a lot of skits on SNL it made light of the situation but was actually sort of accurate.  Mary Barra was played by SNL cast member Kate McKinnon.

The SNL skit was first reported and published here (way before anyone else wrote about it).  If you have something to say about this SNL skit please let us know.

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