chrome underground

chrome underground

For any Carnewscafe readers that love car or auto TV shows there is a new show premiering tonight at 10pm on Discovery Channel called Chrome Underground.  While I’m unsure if the show is authentic it is still quite entertaining and fun to watch.  Read my Chrome Underground review if you are curios to learn more about it.

If you get a chance to tune-in to the show let us know how you liked it and what you thought.  To satisfy your curiosity right now here are some clips and sneak peaks from the show.

Chrome Underground Clips and Sneap Peaks

This clip from the show explains what Yusuf Johnson and Antonio Brunet do and why.   Basically it’s hard to find good collector cars in the US anymore.

Classic Cars Beyond Borders

This clip shows the team finding a group of 5 perfectly restored Porches in the middle of Mexico City.

Porsches of Mexico City

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3 thoughts on “Chrome Underground – Clips and Sneak Peaks [VIDEOS]”

  1. You bring up a good point Adam. My first reaction to any new series is one filled with scepticism. With the onslaught of “reality TV” that is so scripted and anything, but real, I see them as too much in your face, too filled with attitude. It’s a little boring seeing the same demeanour, the same stares, the same defiant looks, it wears out after the umpteenth time you see it. Maybe I’m just getting older and jaded 😉 I know a few good hardcore automotive folks who work in the trenches, but they are far and few between.

    It’s not to say this show isn’t good or real, but my first reaction is: “Oh great, another one of these shows”, simply because there are too many of them that look and feel the same on the surface without having seen the actual show. They have to learn to differentiate themselves and build credibility beyond image and PR releases. Tough, but a good dilemma.

    1. All these shows can’t really be real because if they were, nobody would watch them. Still Chrome Underground will probably be successful since it is fun to watch. Like I said, who wouldn’t want to do world travel and find and buy collector cars?

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