Adriana Lima is so HOT she Melts Eyes in World Cup TV spots [VIDEOS]

adriana lima

adriana lima

by Adam Yamada-Hanff

With the 2014 World Cup officially kicking off today Kia has decided to use a smart marketing tactic, a beautiful women.  In this case Adriana Lima, a ridiculously hot Brazilian Supermodel.

Since most supermodels are Made in Brazil, and the World Cup is taking place there this year, Adriana Lima is trying hard to encourage everyone to be football fans for 1 month.  Kia is dubbing the campaign “For One Month, Let’s All be Fútbol Fans.”  The TV spots show the supermodel convincing people, ok just guys, to watch the world’s most popular sport instead of what Americans usually watch. Check out the TV spots with the Brazilian Supermodel right here;

Adriana Lima – Football vs. Futbul

One commercial shows the supermodel going to a football practice.  All the guys practicing notice Adriana Lima, since she is Adriana Lima.  She puts a soccer ball on the ground and says, “In my country this is Futbol.”  and kicks it to one of the players.

Adriana Lima Brings Futbul to a Sports Bar

This TV commercial shows the stunning Brazilian Supermodel in a typical American sports bar.  She changes the music to traditional Brazilian music and then changes the channel from NASCAR to “Futbol.”  Definitely a good choice.

Adriana Lima and models Transform a Man Cave

Here we have Adriana Lima transforming a Football and Basebell mancave into a “Futbol” mancave along with two other smoking hot models.  She then changes the channel from Basebell to Futbol.  Something all the guys don’t seem to mind.

It should be obvious but “Fútbol” means Football in Portuguese, the language people speak in Brazil, and is what we call Soccer.  Just thought I should mention that in case someone out there wasn’t able to figure it out.

While I really like these TV commercials, what was not so smart was that Kia tried to mix in the Kia Optima and Kia Soreto in the TV spots.  Will any man seriously notice those over Adriana Lima?  Still they know that supermodels work in advertising as this is the second time the Korean automaker has used Lima.  “The reaction to Adriana Lima’s appearance in ‘Drive the Dream’ was overwhelming”  said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kia.  Lima was used in the 2012’s “Drive the Dream” Kia Super Bowl commercial which also featured Motley Crue.  “…with the World Cup being staged in her home country of Brazil and her love for the game it was a natural fit to partner again and add a bit of glamour and humor to our ‘fútbol’ campaign.” continued Sprague.

All the ads will make broadcast debuts when group play officially begins on June 12th.  Kia TV commercials will be airing on various channels carrying the World Cup which includes ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes (Spanish).  Kia is sponsoring the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil which is why they made these TV spots.  Hopefully they will make many more commercials that feature Brazilian Supermodels.

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