Ridiculously fast Tushek TS 600 Supercar makes Epic Debut [VIDEO]

Ever heard of Tushek & Spiegel?  We are guessing you most likely haven’t heard of this Slovenian based supercar company but they have hopes to make a slick and ridiculously fast supercar called the Tushek TS 600.

Supercar guys live and die by numbers, so what are they?  The company is expecting the Tushek TS 600 to weigh a mere 2,470 pounds, which is extremely light even for a supercar.  The car is expected to be equipped with 695 horsepower which makes the power to weight ratio 1 horsepower for each 3.55 pounds of weight.  The engine is speculated to be an Audi tuned 4.2-liter V-8.  According to our math, which is never very good, the car should go from 0-60 mph in about 3 seconds.

How did these Tusek TS 600 engineers keep weight down so much?  The engineers were obsessed with weight reduction like a Los Angeles celebrity trainer cutting the fat from movie stars.  For the chassis the used a combination of carbon and titanium which makes it incredibly lightweight yet strong.  Also they wheels are fitted with carbon-ceramic brakes.  This gives this supercar a low center of gravity and low unsprung mass.  So we assume handling will be pretty sweet on the TS 600.

tushek ts 600 supercar

Tushek & Spigel plan to start production of the Tushek TS 600 sometimes this year.  How many will they make.   They are limiting production to just 60 cars which includes two models, ‘Strada’ the road model and the track-only ‘Pista’ which add an additional 50 horsepower.  The company wants to reach production capacity of 300 per year within the next 10 years.

This is not the first supercar to some out of Slovenia.  There was also the Tushek Renovatio T500 which was the company’s first foray into the supercar market.  It seems they’ve benefiteed from the development of the Renovatio T500 and learned a lot about how to make an ever better super car with the Tushek TS 600.  At least we can only hope.

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Tushek TS 600


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