How Electric Cars Work – EV Podcast #1 (Media)


how electric cars work

Here at CarNewsCafe, we are starting a new podcast series that will focus on electric vehicles (or EV for short) of all types.  This includes electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, hybrids, and generally anything that is equipped with a battery and electric motor.  For our very first EV Podcast we talk about How Electric Cars Work.  Unfortunately it is just Aaron Turpen on this episode as Nicolas was busy being a “Californian.”

Some might be wondering why we are doing this?  Why start a second podcast when the current one is so great? 🙂  It’s really because electric cars and electric vehicles generate a lot of interest from the public and honestly there is a demand.  While there are lots of EV-centered websites on the internet there is no current podcast currently just about electric vehicles.

So, we’ve decided to fill that void ourselves.  Our own Nicolas Zart was, of course, one of the first journalists in the EV field with his website ElectricNick.  (You should definitely read ElectricNick by the way.)  Aaron Turpen got his start in automotive journalism by reporting on electric cars too, so we have background, knowledge, and experience there.  Myself (Adam Yamada-Hanff) never really used to get EVs and thought they were for well… crazy people and hardcore treehuggers.  As I’ve learned more about the EV technology, the benefits and advantages I believe it makes sense for a lot of our transportation needs.

So join Aaron and Adam for lively discussion on How Electric Cars Work.  Our first podcast in this series is an explanation of the basic operations of electric cars, from basic components to the basic theory of EV operation.   Electric car technology is not as “new” and advanced as some people believe.  Electric vehicles are much more basic than gasoline counterparts when you get down to it.

We also briefly touch on the current electric cars available to buy out on the market and key players in it as well, including a quick comparison of the Tesla and Nissan business models for their EVs. This information is explained more fully, in graphical form, in this video and you can read How an Electric Car Works for more information.

How Electric Cars Work

Below is the YouTube version of this episode. Under that you will see the embedded stream or you can download the MP3 for playback on other devices by clicking here.  We like to provide several ways for you to get our podcast.

How Electric Cars Work – EV Podcast #1

Some of you might be wondering what will happen to our regular CarNewsCafe podcast.  Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere and we will continue with providing more general auto audio content for our fans.  Be aware our regular podcasts will be interrupted for a couple of episodes as we iron out this new format and how we want to work doing two simultaneously podcasts.  The regular CarNewsCafe podcast will return and both podcasts will run in conjunction with one another.  We hope our fans and listeners will follow both podcasts.

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