Nissan Leaf creates Reverse Graffiti (VIDEO)

2013 nissan leaf

2013 nissan leaf

What do you get when you have an innovative artist like Paul Curtis (aka Moose), air pollution on city walls, a pressure washer, and an all electric car like the Nissan Leaf?  Something Paul Curtis likes to call Reverse Graffiti (Nissan is calling it Clean Graffiti) which shows just how bad air pollution in European cities like Hamburg and London is.

Reverse Graffiti

We like this marketing campaign from Nissan UK as it really shows how dirty air pollution makes cities.  Paul Curtis is definitely smart to do this art.

The Nissan Leaf is the best selling electric car of all time having achieved 100,000 sales this year.  They doubled sales numbers from last year when they sold 50,000 Nissan Leafs.  You can read our Nissan Leaf Review to get an idea about what the team here thinks about the Leaf.  One Nissan Leaf owner has clocked over 100,000 miles on his odometer.

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