Hot Olympian loves the Nissan Leaf [VIDEO]

amy william nissan leaf

Amy Williams, an Olympic Skeleton athlete, loves the Nissan Leaf.  She was given a Nissan Leaf as part of the British government’s Go Ultra Low campaign. See what Amy Wiliams thought of the Nissan LEAF after driving one around for six weeks.

Olympian Amy Williams – Loves Nissan Leaf

“I’ve been completely won over by this vehicle, the Nissan Leaf… It’s just a normal car.  That’s the really positive thing. You don’t have to adapt your driving, you don’t have to do anything different. You get in and drive and you are instantly comfortable.  It’s got every mod in the car and every gadget you’d need in a car. The boot was huge, I got a huge bag in there. It’s so lovely to drive, it’s smooth, it’s so quiet you can’t even hear it.  So when you are at a traffic light, you pull away in silence.”

Amy Williams might look familiar for those that watch Top Gear.  She was on the British version of Top Gear a few years ago for the Winter Olympics special since she is a Gold Medalist in the Skeleton having competed for Great Britain. (Just as a reminder this like Luge but you go headfirst down the ice track.  Pretty crazy stuff!)  She appeared for the Mini Rally Car vs Skeleton event where James May was in the car and she raced down the course in Lillihammer both equally going 2km.  So we know Amy Williams likes speed.

“The day to day use of the Nissan Leaf, you have to get it into your daily routine, it’s easy. I’ve got my British Gas plug at home, you literally just have to plug it up, if you do it overnight it’s easy you don’t have to think about it.  You know are doing that bit for the environment, you are doing good… For less than a pound maybe you’ve just driven from London to Brighton, Liverpool to Manchester for less than the coffee you were about to buy…Because of my sport I’ve traveled so much on airplanes and I suddenly feel, Ok, it’s my time to do something good. And this is perfect.”

Adam Yamada-Hanff
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