Top Gear Is Back.. Well, Sort Of. Meet Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live

With the cancellation of BBC’s Top Gear came the cancellation of the show’s planned live events, called Top Gear Live. This didn’t sit well with people who’d planned those events or with the three men whose antics won them worldwide celebrity as Britain’s top car-obsessed nutcases. So together, they’ve revived something of the Top Gear show with a new series of live events called, in rock star style, Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live.

The show, bereft of all Top Gear and BBC branding, aims towards the same goal as the Top Gear Live shows: antics, stunts, quippy commentary, and the occasional “woops” moments that made the shows so popular to live audiences around Europe.

The Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live shows will be about 80 to 90 minutes long, will feature the trio (along with many, many stunt and professional drivers), some awesome cars (and some not so awesome ones), and more. So far, touring dates are all on the other side of the pond, with weekend performances at each location. The show kicks off in Belfast on May 22-24 and makes its way to Sheffield, Johannesburg, Stavanger, Australia, Warsaw, and then to London for the last booked show in November.

From there, it could go international again, depending on how well-received it is. Maybe it would even come to the United States. Or at least Canada. Perhaps Mexico, where the rules are a bit more loose surrounding workplace safety.

At any rate, here’s some promo videos the boys made to promote the shows.


Aaron Turpen
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