VW CEO farts a Porsche

VW CEO farts a PorscheFollowing Aaron’s excellent article yesterday, I’m reporting from my secret undercover work I’m conducting for CarNewsCafe throughout Europe. And I am here to report some very strange and bizarre things happening in Germany.

The New VW CEO Tries To Fart a Porsche!

I caught an interesting and fascinating article a gentleman was reading on the plane to Germany. The highly good looking and handsome Matthias Muller is either being pushed into doing something very, very difficult, or he is being set up for failure. As always, faithful CarNewsCafe readers will decide for themselves.

As you might be aware of if you regularly read CarNewsCafe, the news we get mostly depends on what part of the world we live in. As such, Europeans often are aware of stories that never reach the news media radar in the U.S., and vice versa. Sometimes it is dumbfounding to read the things we do when on the international news media scene. This is a good reminder of how media can be used to manipulate populations.

So you can see how this particular story is truly scoop worthy.

VW CEO farts a Porsche!Can The New VW CEO fart a Porsche?

Forgive my very poor German, I only studied a year, decades ago. As you can see from the picture I was able to discreetly snap, it seems the impossible will be attempted, the new VW CEO farts a Porsche for the company!

We wish him good luck, and certainly hope his health is strong enough to endure this gigantic task. I personally would like to tell him and the mean people behind him pushing for this heinous unholy act that it will not impress me, nor make me want to buy a VW. Please, you do not need to impress me by fharting einen Porsche, bitte.

Back to incognito as I scoop up the dirty on cars, carmaker and politics. Ooops, here comes another one…

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5 thoughts on “SCOOP: New VW CEO Tries To Fart a Porsche!”

  1. 🙂 Muller will fart a nice pension after he quits after a few months.

    Why did they put in a CEO that was responsible for VW product development when the emissions cheating diesel cars were developed and built? There is no question he knew about the emissions program considering how complicated the coding was. Volkswagen really needs to bring in an outsider to be CEO.

  2. Spot on Adam. I guess that’s why most people like us are shaking their heads in disbelief watching this decidedly very heavy handed Teutonic manipulation, while Toyota and GM thanks the almighty transportation God for sparing them the scrutiny of the press on the deaths involved when carmakers cheat, lie and deceive 🙂 How’s that for a compact run-on sentence I feel catches the essence of this pathetic global situation.

    I’m glad I buy cars from smaller more reputable carmakers that spend their money on development and less on marketing.

    1. I don’t think that GM and Toyota got away without scrutiny from the public and press. They did have congressional hearings about Toyota’s unintended acceleration and GM’s faulty ignition switches. Remember this Saturday Night Live skit making fun of Mary Barra?


      I feel you only make it onto an SNL opener when what you are doing or saying is ridiculous. The difference is Barra and Toyoda both kept their CEO jobs.

      What it comes down to is people bought VW diesels because they thought they were “Clean Diesels” when in fact know we know the truth. Let’s say you bought a VW diesel because you liked the way it drives. I’m sure many states, definitely California, will require that all these diesels go to a VW dealership to get the software updated. After that I’m 100% if you are driving a VW diesel or Audi diesel it will drive a lot worse and get terrible mileage. This issue more directly affects owners.

      What are people saying in Germany about the scandal? Is it big news there right now?

  3. Indeed, GM and Toyota didn’t escape anything, but what I meant was that they are certainly appreciating a breathe. It’s very easy to connect the dots from there.

    As far as making VW’s scandal worse than GM and Toyota’s, I think that is pretty crass from the media world. I’d rather be duped than killed, personally. So yes, indeed, a carmaker lies and deceit and they throw out the CEO (for better or worse), but people died with the other companies, and I’m still not convince the CEOs “didn’t know”. If they didn’t know about, hold the mocking, then we have an even bigger problems on our hands. The bottom line is no one died with the VW scandal and that is something a lot of the media is not highlighting. p.s. I’m not defending VW. What they did is typical for a big company and illustrates my daily eroding confidence in such mega corporations.

    It’s a scandal in Germany, a big one. The refugee situation is making a bigger splash, though.

    1. I definitely agree with you there Nicolas. I rather be lied to than killed! 😀

      Technically you can die from too much noxious diesel fumes. You can also develop asthma and other respiratory diereses, which have long term health care consequences and costs. That’s the whole point for having emissions tests and standards.

      Having a faulty ignition switch in your car which makes people crash, get seriously injured, or die is a much bigger problem. GM just flooded the media and public with recall info which created a cloud of confusion. Most of those cars still are not fixed because quite honestly dealerships don’t like doing warranty work and it’s hard to get parts in stock to do the repairs.

      All the automaker CEOs and executives definitely know about these defects. There is no way they don’t.

      Is the media driving the outrage or is the media reacting to the anger from the public? For this VW emissions scandal I think the media is responding to the fact that VW diesel owners are angry. It’s always hard to figure that out though.

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