New Car – New Policy

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Getting a new car, no matter the reason behind needing one, is an exciting thing – no more so than if it’s your first car. You might have spent ages saving up for it, be able to buy it outright, or perhaps you’re paying for your car on a finance plan. You might choose a vintage bug, a brand new super car, or the perfect family car. No matter why, what or how, the whole process is exciting – except perhaps one part; sorting out the insurance. Any aspect of sorting out you first car is exciting, but for the cars that follow, it can be annoying and potentially an expensive thing that you have to do.

What Company

The only time you have to stay with your existing policy and provider is if you are changing cars before your contract has ended, but even then you should have the option of paying an early finish fee. Most adjustments to an existing policy adds a fee onto your current bill, and if you are switching to a riskier car or moving to a riskier area that fee might be continued through out your remaining months. If, however, you can change company, then shop around. You might like the company your current insurance is with, but you should always have a shop around to get the best deal. Use compare the market an insurance comparison site to find the best policy. But also call the companies and talk to the directly, they might be able to offer you a better deal that way.

After A Crash

If you’re getting a new cars due to crashing your last one, it might mean a big jump in price. It could even mean that some companies will turn you away altogether and you might have to find a company like Servo Insurance Brokers high risk auto insurance providers. If you make a claim on your insurance because of the crash, then you will have lost your no claim bonus, meaning that any discounts you may have gotten beforehand will disappear – If, however, you can prove that the crash wasn’t your fault, then some companies will continue to treat you as a no claims customer.

Learner And New Drivers

If you’re learning to drive or have recently passed, insurance can be expensive. Your age does come into play here – a new driver in their mid twenties is considered a safer driver than a teenager. This is backed up by data and reports on the most claims made by different demographics. What isn’t backed up is the fact that some companies still offer different rates for men and women. When you’re learning to drive, it’s a great idea to be insured on a car so that you can practice outside of lessons, if you’re insuring your own car then look at adding multiple named drivers to your policy to bring the price down. And if you’re being insurance on a parent’s car then look at month to month insurance – this might be a bit more expensive each month, but if you’re close to passing your test you can cancel at any time and move onto a full insurance policy so much easier this way.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.