DEUS Vayanne Makes World Debut at the New York International Auto Show

DEUS Automobiles, Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering stand as one to inspire the way to luxury electric hypercars.

DEUS Automobiles, Italdesign, and Williams Advanced Engineering stand as one to inspire the way to luxury electric hypercars. This unique partnership emerged DEUS’ ambition to design and create an electric hypercar set to become the benchmark of driving emotion. Our dedication to achieving perfection is further refined by Italdesign’s heritage and skills and Williams Advanced Engineering’s ground-breaking electrification technologies.

The Vayanne design concept began to take shape in 2020 at DEUS Automobiles, and from the start it embodied the idea of merging an everlasting spirit with modernity and paying homage to DEUS’ Viennese roots.

Vayanne is the result of the three-way collaboration of philosophies and commitments with a shared goal of producing the first electric vehicle in automotive history to cross the 2,200 horsepower1 mark while delivering a comfortable and luxurious ride, outstanding performance figures, and maximum daily usability in the hypercar class.

With a ground clearance of 12 cm (4.7 inches) and useable storage space, the car integrates performance and practicality, while harnessing an acceleration figure of under 1.99 seconds1 for the 100 km/h (0-62 mph) launch truly deserves the title of master of versatility.

We are really satisfied with the results achieved with the Vayanne, in this first phase of our collaboration with DEUS. Thanks to our distinctive experience in low series vehicle development and manufacturing, we are able to provide our technical support and know-how. Moreover, we are excited to apply and integrate the innovative technologies provided by our partner Williams Advanced Engineering,” said Marco Volpengo, Italdesign head of automotive business development Europe.

Our Vision is the Name Itself: Vayanne – Proudly Named After the Heart of Europe
DEUS Vayanne is a testimonial of seamlessly blending modern technology with timeless aspects of design, functionality, and interaction to deliver our ultimate promise: to breathtakingly break the boundaries between luxury and the future, just like the city of Vienna itself, that has endured for centuries while continuously evolving.

In this regard, DEUS is further confirming its Austrian heritage of outstanding quality standards brought to life with flair and passion.

Exterior Design – A Concept of Symmetry and Infinity
“At DEUS, design is not merely about the looks, it is an integrated concept that reflects the marques main credo: to effortlessly combine exquisite design and functionality with cutting-edge technology in the EV hypercar segment. To showcase this harmony, we chose to stylise the Vayanne around the idea of symmetry and geometric alignment of its lines and design features,” said Adrian-Filip Butuca, head of design at DEUS.

In this regard, the shape of the front and rear grilles is made to represent the infinity loop. The parametric grilles convey even more of a holistic approach through the meticulously aligned pattern that gradually increases in fade intensity. The pattern of the parametric grilles is represented by hexagonal shapes that continuously flow into each other to create the desired effect of angel wings being enclosed by the uninterrupted taillight strip in the rear and to further increase the premium feeling of the car’s stance in the front. Thus, the needed airflow for the cooling system and aerodynamic performance is assured, while maintaining the shape of the infinity symbol.

Furthermore, for every air duct there is another matching air duct to keep the styling in line with the symmetry while ensuring the angles of those ducts are geometrically aligned. This is the result of DEUS and Italdesign styling and engineering departments working hand-in-hand to make no compromises between design and feasibility and to achieve maximum performance.

Interior Design – The Oasis of Luxury in the EV Segment
Smooth yet dominant curves combined with refined geometry give the DEUS Vayanne its timeless aspect of exterior and interior design. We are embracing the ergonomic positioning of physical controls that are easy to use and let the driver focus on the most important thing – driving. Sporting a fully digital instrument cluster and control display this creates the ideal blend of experiences.

The 100-percent electric heart of Vayanne is fitted with green interiors. The natural leather selected for the upholstery was treated and produced combining sustainable, technologically advanced solutions throughout the production process, with strong commitment to zero waste for a circular economy model.

The two nuances featured on the launch configuration of the Vayanne, white and black, illustrate the synergy between purity, perfection, beauty and naturalness on the one hand and elegance, technology and avant-garde on the other.

DEUS is the first in the automotive industry to implement the Halo Infinity mirror throughout a vehicles interior. This innovative design feature as applied in the DEUS Vayanne is vital to carrying over DEUS infinity theme from the production-oriented hypercar concepts exterior to its interior. It embraces the whole interior from the doors throughout the dashboard and connotes the infinite feeling of DEUS. The effect changes in regard to the viewing angle, a trait incorporated to suggest that everyones view is unique.

We put very high consideration in the way the Vayanne sounds, that is why we are determined to develop a configurable DEUS Active Sound to further enhance the driving experience.

The Production Version of the DEUS Vayanne will Feature Expert Technical Support from Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering
Williams Advanced Engineering and Italdesign are no strangers to collaboration; announcing a unique partnership in April 2021 for a high performance, flexible EV platform; EVX, supporting a long-term vision for EV architecture.

This rolling chassis utilised Williams Advanced Engineerings expertise in electrification, light-weighting, innovative chassis structures and vehicle and system integration.

The collaboration with DEUS represents an exciting opportunity to showcase another new approach of Williams Advanced Engineerings electrification and production capabilities, together with Italdesigns engineering and styling proficiency.

Dyrr Ardash, head of strategic partnerships, Williams Advanced Engineering said, Building on our existing and successful collaborative partnership with Italdesign, we are delighted to be part of the world premiere for the DEUS Vayanne, a hypercar that seeks to combine luxury with ultimate performance. Working as the Electrification and Technology Partner, we look forward to employing our expertise in electrification to support the programmes performance targets.”

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