The Value Of A Dash Cam In A Car Accident Claim

Attorneys use the video footage to provide evidence for your settlement claim when you are seeking damages for your car crash.

Many drivers have decided to invest in dash cams as an additional measure to protect themselves during a traffic accident. Dash camera usage is becoming increasingly popular and provides valuable physical evidence. The footage can help prevent insurance fraud and protect car accident victims from false accusations. Attorneys use the video footage to provide evidence for your settlement claim when you are seeking damages for your car crash. There are many reasons a car accident attorney would recommend a dash cam, which can include the following: 

Evidence of Traffic Violations

When a dash cam records the events leading to a crash, the footage can reveal details of how the accident transpired. Your attorney can identify traffic violations that were recorded on video. It can be difficult for the other driver to argue that they didn’t break any laws if the video shows them aggressively driving, speeding, or performing illegal lane change maneuvers. Your attorney will notice any illegal activity that could have caused the accident. 

Vehicle Identification

In worst-case scenarios, you may experience a hit-and-run accident that leaves you burdened with high expenses and no one to file a settlement claim against. Dash cameras are perfect for times like this, which can show the make and model of the vehicle. If you’re fortunate, the dash cam may even have footage of the other driver’s license plate. This makes it much easier for the police to find and apprehend the hit-and-run driver. 

Camera Footage Is Permitted In Lawsuits

Dash cameras can provide valuable information that is perfectly legal. Additionally, the footage is permissible in lawsuits and can be a form of valuable evidence. When you have no other evidence to support your claim, the dash camera footage may be the only evidence that can be used in your defense. This can help your attorney avoid gray areas that make it difficult for you to hold the other party liable for your damages.

It Can Show Gross Negligence

Punitive damages could be used as a punishment against the other driver if they were grossly negligent or intentionally malicious in some way. Because punitive damages require evidence that shows that the other driver attempted to cause damage, it is harder to prove. When you have a dash cam on board, the judge and jury can see if the other driver was being extremely reckless. 

What If The Camera Footage is Blurry?

If you have dash camera footage, but it is too blurry to see many of the details because of technical issues or poor resolution, don’t throw it out. Let your car accident attorney review the footage, as some of it may be salvageable. The blurry outlines may still be able to give clues, and there is also technology that can clean up the footage to make it clearer. Speak to your car accident attorney to find out what you can do with your dash cam footage after you’ve been in a serious car accident. 


Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.