Ways To Make Car Finance Easier To Procure

Car finance can provide much-needed relief to drivers.
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Financial help doesn’t always come out of nowhere. There are many incidents where recipients need to be somewhat ‘deserving’, meeting certain criteria to be eligible for the support. 

These types of rules exist in the car finance world too. Still, as even NI’s used cars become harder to afford, car finance in NI has become one of the best options for these road users to stay on the road at a time when many of their peers are giving up their vehicles to make ends meet.  

Car finance can provide much-needed relief to drivers. They can spread the expenses of buying a vehicle in monthly reimbursements and ultimately have more confidence that their lives won’t be disrupted. 

Whether you need car finance in NI or elsewhere, only the best deals should suffice. Providers will judge you before granting your funding requests. Here are some ways to help make car finance easier to procure. 

Build Your Credit Score

It’s no secret that much of one’s eligibility for financial help comes down to the credit score. Despite many people having this realisation, they may not fully understand the breadth of responsibilities required to turn things around here. 

Of course, there are many myths about improving one’s credit score, and each one of them must be debunked and avoided. Using debit cards, borrowing less, and increasing your income aren’t necessarily surefire ways to better things. Financial responsibility comes in many forms, and you must practice them. 

After all, car finance is a personal debt like any other. No entity would give their money away to somebody who spends recklessly, so creating a strict budget for yourself and loyally adhering to it is in your best interests. Pay any outstanding fees on time, like bills and mortgages, and try to dodge credit repair companies, which can often mislead their customers and clients. 

It’s important to practice patience throughout the efforts of controlling your score and applying for finance. Multiple applications for car finance in a short window can adversely impact your score, so you need to remove any sense of desperation from your activities. 

Delve Into Comparison Sites

Approaching individual lenders and brokers can be an enormous task for car finance deals. Much time can be spent and mostly wasted negotiating, enquiring, and encountering dead ends. It can almost feel like you’re not eligible for many deals, too. 

Reputable comparison sites can end that tedious process and put you in touch with the best deals on the market in one safe and secure place. Those like CompareNI can help with getting car finance in NI and beyond by granting you access to personalised NI car finance rates from a multitude of lenders. Quotes are guaranteed to be the best on the market, and their quick and easy application form takes just 2 minutes to complete. 

Because comparison sites cast such a wide net, you may encounter deals here that you’re eligible for that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere. An entirely new world of car finance arrangements could be opened up to you. Only you know what deal is right for you, but with these resources, you’ll find it far sooner. 

Bolster Your Car Finance Application

There are a few ways you can lend some extra credibility to your car finance application. You should consider them closely and work hard to provide these additional assurances. 

It can seem like a no-brainer, but providing a larger deposit on any car finance offer can help tremendously. The larger the offering, the less you’ll need to borrow from lenders, making you a more viable candidate for better deals. 

Of course, not everybody can rustle up some deposit money during challenging economic circumstances. Still, it might be possible to cut back on other areas of spending in your life and aim to save over time. Unless you desperately need a car immediately, applying the figurative breaks to put some money behind you for a deposit is a good idea. 

It would help if you also considered appointing a guarantor to make ends meet. You will then have backup to help pay the loan back if circumstances arise where you can’t. They don’t have to be related to you, nor must they be a homeowner, so hopefully, you have a wider range of people who might be likely to accept. Ensure it’s a trusted and enthusiastic loved one willing to help you, though. 

Guarantors can help, but the help of your partner can be very useful, too, if you have one. The two of you can make a joint application together. It’s a great way to go if their credit score is considerably more favourable than yours. You’d also share the responsibility of paying off the costs, which can take much of the individual pressure off. 


There are many ways to make the process of procuring car finance a little bit more manageable. Often, it can seem like many doors are being shut in applicants’ faces, particularly if their personal circumstances aren’t the best. Still, with the right mindset and help, anything is possible.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.