5 Reasons to Turn to an Electric Vehicle

This article outlines five reasons to turn to an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles are an excellent option for those looking to drive greener. They’re several types: battery-powered, plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid, and full-cell electric vehicles. Switching to an electric car can be rewarding. It saves gas money and protects the environment. This article outlines five reasons to turn to an electric vehicle.

1. Low running costs

The cost of driving a petrol or diesel car is higher than that of an electric vehicle because its daily running expenses are lower. However, an EV’s running costs differ based on the vehicle’s make, model, and specifics. Charging your EV at home can be your primary charging option. So, ensure you’re on the best energy tariff to maintain a low utility bill.

Your charging costs may also depend on how much you charge the car, the kind of charger you have, and how much public charging you use. The estimated price of fully charging an electric vehicle at home is lower than filling a car with diesel or petrol for the same mileage range. While the sticker price of most electric cars might be high, you can find some of the cheapest EVs with lower charging costs.

2. They’re good for the environment

One of an electric car’s significant benefits is its contribution towards bettering the environment while ensuring good air quality in cities and towns. Without a tailpipe, a pure electric vehicle generates zero carbon dioxide emissions when driving, considerably reducing air pollution. While most electric charging stations rely on renewable energy to charge EVs, some use coal-burning power and other energy sources, which aren’t good for the environment.

When an EV is coal-powered, its emissions are lower than fossil fuel-powered cars. Electric vehicle manufacturers using eco-friendly materials ensure a lower environmental impact during and after production.

3. A smooth driving experience

While this might be subjective, electric cars promote a smooth driving experience. This is because they have fewer moving parts. Electric vehicles don’t have gears and are automatic, meaning lumpy gear changes are no longer an issue, making city or town driving a smoother and more sustainable experience.

Electric cars react faster than internal combustion engines and have outstanding torque, which results in an amazingly smooth acceleration because there’s no stalling or jolting from missed gears. They also have new technology to smoothen your driving experience further. The absence of moving parts in EVs and the regenerative braking ensure you have less to worry about as the driver.

4. Lower maintenance

Unlike their fossil fuel counterparts, with many moving parts requiring regular maintenance, electric cars have fewer moving parts and no internal combustion engine. They don’t need oil changes, fuel filters, or new spark plugs. Their regenerative braking uses an electric motor to decelerate, extending the brake pads’ lifespan. This leads to fewer maintenance costs, saving you a lot of time and money.

 5. Quite drive

Electric vehicles don’t have noisy combustion engines, which creates a good driving experience. Since most cars are driven within cities, vehicle noises have become a part of life and can sometimes be annoying. However, an electric car’s quietness seeks to eliminate this issue by offering a relaxed environment for all users and the environment.


Electric cars are a worthy investment. Consider switching to an electric vehicle to enjoy these benefits and more.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.