Top 7 Tips To Avoid Car Accidents on the Road

Car accidents are all too common. They can happen at any point in time, thanks to the negligence of careless drivers, weather conditions, or just a drowsy driver. It’s crucial that you keep yourself safe on the road, for the sake of your own health and those that care for you.

Getting in a car accident isn’t something that anyone wants to happen. Be sure to keep the below 7 tips in mind when you’re driving on the road. You wouldn’t want to get those car accident lawyers involved, now would you?

Avoid the fast lane

If you look at the highway accidents that happen on the left side of the road, that number is a lot greater than those that happen on the right side. This is because many people head into the left lane to speed up and get past the slower cars on the right side. However, driving in the center and right lanes of the highway is generally much safer than the left side.

That’s because you have a lot more evasive options on the slower side of the highway than on the left side, should you need to pull off onto the shoulder.

Keep scanning the area ahead

You shouldn’t just be watching the car in front of you when you’re driving. You should be eyeballing that car, but also the other cars in front of that car. Be sure that you know what’s happening everywhere in your vicinity on the road in order to be the safest. Should the cars in front of you start swerving or slowing down, you’ll be more prepared to take evasive action.

Be aware of blind spots

Don’t solely rely on your mirrors to give you the best views of the road. There are blind spots that come with every one of your mirrors and could spell disaster if you don’t see a car coming up on your side. Plus, you should also make sure to watch out for the blind spots of other cars. If you’re coming up fast on the side of a car and they seem to not see you, slow down or beep your horn.

Go for the 9 and 3 o’clock positions on the wheel

The best positions for your hands on the wheel are at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions. Simply imagine your wheel as a clock and you can adjust your hands to those positions on the “clock”. This position is going to give you the most control over your car’s motions and keep your car steady.

Judge a driver by his or her car’s condition

It’s OK to judge other drivers on the road. Especially when it comes to safety, you will be able to tell just how another driver drives because of the condition of his or her car. If it’s pretty dinged up and in bad condition, it’s likely that they’re a not-so-safe driver and you should stay away from them.

Know the limits of your car

Don’t try to push your car to limits that you know it can’t achieve. If your car simply doesn’t have the limits to speed through the fast lane or swerve at the last minute, then don’t push it there. That could spell disaster for you and your car if you overestimate what it’s capable. It’s much better to be safe than sorry!

Watch out during night time

It’s usually not the best idea to drive during the night time. Your visuals are going to be a lot worse and other drivers are generally not so great to drive next to during the night. But, if you absolutely must drive during the night, be sure to know when to turn on your bright lights.

These tips are going to keep you safe on the road. Because that’s the most important thing when you’re driving, right? You want to keep yourself physically healthy for the sake of you and the others who you care about.