Tesla Recalls Some Model S, Sends Media Into Frenzy

The Tesla Model S gets a back seat recall
The Tesla Model S gets a back seat recall

If you want proof that Tesla Motors is a full fledged carmaker by now, look no further than this week’s recall. This is why you should be glad it is recalling some of its Model S for its troubled back seat.

You know certain news media outlets bent on giving electric cars are having a field day with Tesla Motors recalling some of its 2013 Model S sedans built from May 10 to June 8, 2013, roughly about 1,228 of the electric vehicle (EV). So why should Tesla’s recall be good news? For one thing, it shows Tesla Motors has reached the same playing field as other car makers have enjoyed for some time. OK, so it’s a stretch but it should make many see the new California electric car startup as a bone fide car company.

Tesla Left Rear Seats Get Recalled. The culprit is an improperly installed back seat. The method for aligning the seat back striker plate of the left rear seat is the point of contention. The way the seat anchors at chassis could have weakened the welding point that holds the seat to the car’s chassis.

Tesla Motors Matures Enough For Recall. Recalls happen all the time and car manufacturers are rarely spared the event. Remember how the number one carmaker, Toyota has recalled more cars last year than it ever did in its history. Surely its reputation wasn’t too tarnished and according to the latest figures, the company is still riding high. The same happens to Porsche, Ferrari, albeit with less fanfare, as well as entry level players with greater fanfare. These recalls usually means the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) spotted something the car maker didn’t. Either that or a carmaker is on top of their security game and divulged the weakness before the NHTSA. We can hail Tesla for designing, building and selling an electric car in a record time. However, it would be foolish to expect a car roll out without a hitch.

You can read the full copy of the NHTSA report here for more information. You can also call Tesla Motors directly at 1-650-681-5000

Knowing how many components go into designing a car and ultimately manufacturing it, it’s no wonder Murphy’s law doesn’t strike more often than it does. A high testament to modern car manufacturing, this news of a Tesla Motor recall is more a sign that the company is now a full fledged car maker. After all, it is currently valued at 25% of GM. We can bet a few news media outlets will heavily highlight this but not how Tesla Motors repaid its loans seven years early. This evening I will be at Tesla swapping battery event.

Nicolas Zart
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