Suzuki Extrigger
Suzuki Extrigger
The electric Suzuki Extrigger

Suzuki makes fine gasoline bikes and like every brand out there, has developed a serious following over the decades.  One thing Suzuki isn’t usually associated with is electric motorcycles.

Suzuki isn’t the first mainstream motorcycle maker to dip its toe into electric land, but it does make a point for the serious and growing interest in EV motorcycles from manufacturers.  Honda is another one who has dabbled with electricity.  The true big news of the year is no less than Lightning Motorcycle winning Pikes Peak 2013.  Imagine an electric motorcycle beating veterans Ducatti on its own turf, and all of this in less than five years of being in existence?  In other words this less than a decade old technology has beaten gasoline that packs over a century’s worth of development.  Can you imagine the consequences?

The Suzuki Extrigger

You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t heard of the new electric Suzuki called the Extrigger, that is because it is only a concept at this stage.  Depending on public feedback and how many would put down money for it, Suzuki could make a case for it.  The Extrigger was introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.  It shows Suzuki has taken Honda’s interest in electric motorcycle seriously enough.


As to the question what does exactly Extrigger mean, the answer is simple, it’s a combination of Electric Crossover and Trigger.

All in all, the Extrigger is Suzuki’s electric answer to Honda’s GROM bike, close in looks and dimensions, as well as its Mugen electric racer.  The fact that Suzuki is publicly announcing this means more than ever the electric motor is finding use on the streets.  It makes sense with its unbeatable 100% torque available at 1 RPM and a sure recipe to raise performance while lowering unhealthy fuels.

So far not much is known about the Extrigger but it would seem Suzuki is eager to get a head start from its local competition.  Kudos Suzuki, we look forward test riding an electric Extrigger.

Here is another interesting story on another high stake electric motorcycle competitors, Motoczysz.


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