Is the Venturi VBB-3 the most powerful electric vehicle? [VIDEO]

Venturi VBB-3
The Venturi VBB-3 is claimed to be the most powerful EV in the world
Venturi cars
Venturi cars

Hold on to your hats, socks and everything around because this Venturi is claimed to be the most powerful electric vehicle (EV) around!


Venturi, the First EV Maker?

While most people might not have heard of Venturi Automobiles in the US, the Monaco based electric car maker had actually beat Tesla Motors by a few years with its first electric Roadster, the Volage.  Technically close to the Tesla Roadster, the next EV, the Fetish upped the ante.


Is the Venturi VBB-3 the most powerful EV?

The companies VBB-3 is a hefty horsepower EV, packing in 3,000 HP, which so far has already reached 307 MPH (495 km/h).  It now targets the 400 MPH mark in 2013, and 440 MPH in 2014, hopefully more in 2015.

So is it the most powerful EV?  That is a good question, and probably hard to guess, since anyone in their garage could be building a monster.  However, judging by the size of the vehicle and equipment, it surely has a place at the top of the podium.

Cutaway VBB-3
Cutaway VBB-3

Here is a French video of Gildo Pallanca Pastor, President of the Monaco Venturi Automobiles after the last speed record a the Bonneville Salt Flats were cancelled.  We can translate it of you really, really want to know.

This video shows you what is under the skin of the beast..

This video shows you what is under the skin of the beast.

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