Official Trailer for Need for Speed released [video]

There aren’t many “car guy” flicks anymore. Some movies bill themselves as such, but quickly devolve into nothing more than just another action flick that happens to have a car in it. The movie Drive is a good example of that. The Transformers series is another one. Even the Fast and Furious franchise has become more about the characters and their drama than it has the cars themselves. It looks like Need for Speed, based on the video game series, will be better than that.

It’s about time. When the only way to get a car fix is to watch Disney’s Cars movies, you know Hollywood is letting you down as a gearhead.

GuysGab editor Sujeet Patel put it well when he said “Inspired by the hit video game series of the same name, the movie brings what was previously only an animated world of super cars and state patrol into a real-life, fast-paced world of street racing and police dodging.”

Hell ya. Cheesy as they are, I’m a fan of Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy, and have watched and re-watched the awesome car scenes from Bullit and Ronin dozens of times. If this movie trailer for Need for Speed is anything close to what the movie is like.. I’m totally on this one:

Aaron Turpen
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