Honda Evolves in-Car Technology with HondaLink



This week, Honda proudly displayed some of their newest in-car technology. Honda’s Display Audio and HondaLink system is the Japanese carmaker’s latest connected-car technology. Together, these technologies represent the most advanced information and media connectivity package ever offered by Honda.

The 2014 Honda Civic will be Honda’s first vehicle to offer Apple’s Siri Eyes Free mode. This technology is the latest evolution to meet the needs of an ever-growing younger, tech-savvy consumer.


“Display Audio and HondaLink are pioneering technologies that seamlessly and intuitively integrate the power and functionality of a customers’ smartphone directly into their vehicle,” said Charles Koch, manager of new business development for American Honda. “Staying connected to the latest music, information, news, traffic updates, even friends and family, is a must-have capability for a new generation of car buyers.”

The Display Audio system with next generation HondaLink allows the consumer’s digital lifestyle to seamlessly integrate with the car and provides access to cloud-based information. The all-new application-based platform connects customers to online content both inside and outside the car, all powered by their smartphones.

Currently, the technology is compatible with most IPhone smartphones. Integration with Android operating systems is on the horizon.

HondaLink Tutorial

Jimmy Dinsmore
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