Tim Allen’s 1968 Camaro featured on Jay Leno’s Garage

1988 camaro 427 copo

On the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage the soon to be retired Tonight Show host has comedian and actor Tim Allen on the show of Home Improvement fame.  I feel old that I remember when that show was on TV.

Allen discusses his slick looking green 1968 Camaro 427 COPO with Jay Leno and all the options that the Camaro had back in the day and what makes Allen’s Camaro special.  Obviously after they talk about the muscle car Tim Allen lets Jay Leno go drive the Camaro.

Let us know what you think of Tim Allen’s 1968 Camaro and if you agree with Jay Leno that he is a true ‘car guy.’

Adam Yamada-Hanff
Adam has always loved cars and anything with wheels. When he is not writing about interesting stories you might find him jamming on his saxophone, watching movies, creating art, or playing with his two dogs.