Update: Steam Whistle’s electric Hot Rod also carries beer with pictures!

Steam Whistle Green Truck

This will make many cringe, but after seeing electric dragsters, why not an electric Hot Rod delivering beer. Green trucks and beer, who could ask for anything more.

Let’s face it, we love our old cars, and as great a performance an electric drivetrain delivers on electric vehicles (EV), not too many would convert a 1958 Chevrolet Apache pickup to 100% clean, sustainable and renewable electricity truck.  And yet our good Canadian neighbors did just that.  Don’t cringe, it will serve to haul one of the world’s most precious commodity, and something Canada knows a thing or two about – Beer!

Green, smooth electric beer.

The Good Beer Folks at Steam Whistle already have a few green trucks, in fact eleven old cars, trucks and vans were converted to cleaner fuels, then painted green to go to local events and show that drinking can not only be fun in moderation, but that you can also make an environment statement.

Before you cry foul, Steam Whistle is about as green and sustainable as a company should be.  100% sustainable means the company uses wind power for its electricity, cool later water for temperature control of the facility, recycling its beer green glasses many times before they continue the normal trash recycling process. While you might easily dismiss the effort as yet-another-green-marketing-campaign, Steam Whistles makes good, honest pure beers also.

How green is it?

For one thing, it only uses four, all natural ingredients to make its beers.  Other companies use as much as 100.  With nothing more than pure spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast, all GMO-free, Steam Whistle lists its ingredients on our bottles & cans.  Why?  Because why shouldn’t you deserve to be informed.

Green bottles, and everything else green.

Clean ingredients in a good product is nothing new, but Steam Whistle goes a step further by using its unique green glass bottle, which is made with 30% more glass. The bottles can be washed up to 45 times before being further recycled.

What could make this company any better?  How about using wind power from Bullfrog Power. Their brewery uses 100% clean, renewable power for its electricity, sourcing power from wind and low-impact hydro generators that meet or exceed the federal government’s Environmental choice Program EcoLogo standard, since 2006.  But wait, if you’ haven’t fallen in love with company, this will help.

Steam Whistle Green Truck

The company has been using bio diesel in their  delivery trucks, with Canada Clean Fuels delivering the B20 Bio Diesel on-site.  And if beer is good, ice cold beer is better, well to some at least.  How do they keep their beer cooled?  Since 2000, it uses Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling for climate control of their building. Icy cold water drawn through intake pipes deep in Lake Ontario chills the brewery, making it a comfortable working environment for their staff each summer.

But wait, there is more!

A true beer aficionado will tell you that steam is the most efficient way to heat water for brewing. The rest is used for climate control with Enwave’s efficient central District Steam Plant. No natural gas boiler running days on end on site. And the list of earth friendly equipment used to manufacture this beer continues. Energy efficient systems for producing beer, water and waste recycling,

Back to our truck… nah, let’s stick to good old beer, clean energy, and an eye-pleasing, although very green clean electric truck and other cleaner fuel vehicle makes this company a serious player in the world of clean beers. Steam Whistle, you make us want to live in Canada.

Our good friend and fellow EV enthusiast Gerry Gaydos in Victoria Canada send us more up close pictures of the Steam Whistle Green Apache.

SteamWhistleGreenApache1 SteamWhistleGreenApache3 SteamWhistleGreenApache2

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