Epic! F1 Racecar vs F-18 Fighter Jet

f1 racecar vs f-18 fighter jet

Redbull Racing is known for dropping some Epic stunts on Youtube, then watching those videos go viral.  An example of this would be the “How to Make an F1 Car” 4-part series.  It’s part of Redbull’s smart F1 marketing strategy.

Redbull seems to keep upping the ante though.  They took one of their F1 Racecar’s and pitted it against an F-18 Fighter Jet from the Royal Australian Air Force.  If you watch carefully Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull’s newest Formula 1 driver addition, gets the head start for a split second.  Once the F-18 jet engines really kick… well it’s sorta leaves the F1 car in the dust.

Let us know what you think of this Formula 1 car going up against a fighter jet.

[Image Source – Video]

Adam Yamada-Hanff
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