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my first car

my first car

On today’s podcast episode the topic is My First Car, well at least our first cars.  Aaron Turpen and Adam Yamada-Hanff talk about their first cars and the stories behind them.

For Aaron it was a Toyota Corolla that got him anywhere he wanted to go, even off-roading.  Aaron put a hard 150,000 miles on a car that already had 110,000 miles on it and was arguably indestructible.  The 80’s Toyotas were the golden age of reliability and longevity for the Japanese brand.  Unfortunately Aaron’s beloved Toyota Corolla met it’s end in a firey mess on the highway.

For Adam it was a 1996 Honda Accord that was a family hand me down like so many Accords.  He drove his beloved Honda across the country and saw great sights along the way like the Rocky Mountain National Park (see the pictures posted here).  Fortunately, Adam doesn’t need to imagine his first car as he still owns and drives his often.

As we find out and talk about in this podcast it is not what your first car was but the memories and experiences that were forged in it that shaped you as you moved from being a young adult to an adult.

My First Car

This episode was prompted by reading the book “My First Car” by Matt Stone, a former executive editor of Motor Trend magazine.  “My First Car” is a book the chronicles and tells the stories of celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and more about the story of their first cars.  As I learned from reading the book your first car is not only about transportation and getting from Point A to Point B.  It is really about first loves, heartbreak, learning to fix a car when it lets you down,  finding your way in the world, and so much more.

I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of “My First Car” and it is a book that car lovers and non-car lovers alike will love to read.  We did put “My First Car” on our list of Holiday Gifts for a Gearhead and Car Lover but the book has a story that will strike a chord with anyone.  In my opinion it is an excellent coffee table book that the whole family can enjoy (even your wife or girlfriend.)

Podcast Question of the Week

What was your first car?  How much did you buy it for?  Tell us a memory or vivid story about your first car.  It can triumphant, painful, or outright crazy.  We want to hear those first car stories.


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Adam Yamada-Hanff
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