tesla factory

tesla factory

Tesla has idled their assembly plant in California for two weeks. The move, which interrupts Model S production, will allow the company to add 25 new robots to the line and begin the tool-up needed for the upcoming Model X.

Workers at the plant were given the choice of showing up for maintenance and training shifts or vacation. The re-tooling will cost about $100 million and result in a 25 percent increase in production.

The new production line will allow Tesla to build 1,000 units of the Model S per week and allow the new Model X to be taken alongside it for production when it begins later this year.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla factory idled”

  1. Hush now, I was under cover, incognito, if you like, spying on the real deal behind the idling of the factory. Darts. Now my cover’s been blown.

    Actually, it prompted me to write another article on Teslarati I will follow up with here. Is Tesla complacent with its Model X?

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