The Best Renault Models of the Past Few Years

Renault has a long and proud history. But don’t forget all the great cars that the company has released over the past few years. Here are the ones I love most.


The most recent iteration of the Renault Twingo proves that the manufacturer is still willing to push things further and try new things. The car is more than 20 years old, but the newest model innovates like never before. It has a turbocharged rear engine, and it gives the car a boost that every driver needs to experience.

The engine makes the whole car feel more alive, and you’re constantly reminded of the risks that Renault have taken in producing such a car. Yet all those risks pay off. The car is affordable, fun to drive, powerful, and it makes the most of its interior space. It’s a really special car, and you should give it a try.


The Renault Twizy is a strange one. It looks more like a futuristic buggy that we might one day use to traverse the surface of the moon than a roadworthy car. It’s an electric car and it only takes a few hours to fully change. This is largely to do with the fact that it’s so small and efficient, but it’s still a big achievement.

Let;s face it, it’s a pretty crazy car. But it’s incredible at the same time. One of the reasons I love it so much is because of its quirkiness. It’s a truly unique car. And that’s something to boast about when we live in an era when cars are often completely generic and bland. The Twizy proudly stands out from the crowd


The Captur was Renault’s attempt at tapping into the UK market for crossovers, and it was a success. Some people cynically claimed that they were just hopping onto the crossover bandwagon. But the Captur does much more than that. It’s one of the best crossovers out there at the moment.

For a start, it looks great. Some crossovers are a little ugly. They’re caught between a small car and an SUV, and it just doesn’t look quite right. But the Captur gets it just right. It’s cheap to buy too, visit a Used Car Supermarket to find out. It won’t cost much once you have it either thanks to the good fuel economy.

Megane Renaultsport

The Megane Renaultsport is one of the greatest (not to mention fastest) hot hatches on the market right now. It’s not a cheap car thanks to the expensive suspension system that is forced onto drivers. But you certainly do get a lot for your money, so you probably won’t regret splashing the cash.

The cabin of the Megane is exactly how you’d expect it to be. It’s high-quality and refined to within an inch of its life. But the main thing we’re interested in is how it drives, right? Well, there are no worries in that department. It grips the road and offers you an unrivalled level of control while it powers forward, making full use of the powerful engine.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.