BikeBandit Metzeler
BikeBandit Metzeler
BikeBandit Metzeler

When I have to do research on motorcycle accessories, I usually want to faint. Why? Because of the choice with after sales service companies, outlets and motorcycle companies themselves offer is dizzying. Simply put, it’s not easy finding a reputable shop with enough variety to cover almost all situations.

Looking at for Metzeler Tires

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was talking about how great of a reputation Metzeler tires have and how he enjoys them on his BMW GS Adventure. Although he couldn’t give me an unbiased reason why he chose these fine tires, I do trust him on his choice of motorcycles and accessories. He runs Ohlins on his GS and RNineT and seeing the results convince me upgrades are not a bad thing on a BMW. I wanted to found out more on how to choose and get the right ones for the average motorcycle enthusiast. Blame on marketing and ad campaigns that often time convince people that a particular brand is better than another, I was happy to find the information I was looking for on these tires at

Who Is

If you don’t know who is and you have a motorcycle, what rock have been living under? No, but more seriously, ranks as one of the most reputable places to upgrade your motorcycle parts and accessory. As another friend told, is his first choice when looking for OEM parts. That speaks volume as manufacturers need to trust outlets to further their brand image.

Founded in 1999 by Ken Wahlster, who later started another start-up in 2015, is known for selling quality motorcycle parts, apparel, and accessories through their online store. And the choice runs the gamut, from street motorcycles, cruisers, ATVs, to snowmobiles. The company has grown to now occupy a 107,000 square foot facility shipping 10,000 items per day with a customer base of approximately 700,000. And if you must know, the name “Bandit” is derived from Wahlster’s black labrador retriever.

While there are plenty of reputable local shops to turn to when sourcing your accessories, finding one that is impartial and that offers quality overall service with choice, can be tough. Where do you start? Who do you ask? I decided to listen to everyone and check out with a generic tire search, all the meanwhile aiming for Metzeler tires. Delivers More Than Just Metzeler Tires

I secretly crave getting my hands on a Yamaha FZ-09. Puts Ohlin suspension and Metzeler tires would make it a perfect everyday fun commuter. It would also be good enough to tackle canyons on weekends. Checking out, I was given a choice of shopping for OEM, aftermarket or tires. I clicked on tires, obviously. All the usual suspects showed up and a quick refining of my search zeroed in on the Metzer tires. Two BikeBandit ME88 Marathons Ultra were shown, accompanied by a set of Roadtec Z6 and Lazertec. The price varied from $95 to $246 for the first set. Since money is of no concern here, I went with the Marathon Ultra… of course.

While in and of itself, this wasn’t an unusual user experience, I noticed something visual thinkers like me love to see, a video! I quickly clicked on it and watch the team explain more about how to choose motorcycle tires. I thought it interesting such a no-brainer as a video doesn’t always show up on other sites. It should be the norm. Most visual thinkers like me glaze over looking at numbers.

BikeBandit Metzeler
BikeBandit Metzeler

I was also expecting to find user recommendations. They were there and were constructive. What I also noticed is that also linked to articles helping you choose motorcycle tires. I wished one of them would have gone into greater details explaining why Metzeler tires have such a good reputation, but I know content building takes time. The overall display and information at my disposal were handy.

I did push the experience a little more by enlisting their online help and found a friendly responsive person who patiently waited to read everything I said.

Final Thoughts on Metzeler Tires

Not every online store is the way we expect it to be, nor displays information to our tastes and desires. I found to be as close as possible to what I would have designed myself. I wanted to give a thumbs up to their dedicated team and to all my friends who have warmly recommended this stellar site.

Next, Yamaha and Honda parts!

BikeBandit Metzeler
BikeBandit Metzeler

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