What No One Tells You about Owning a Motorbike

If you are thinking about getting a motorbike, or you have recently done so, you will no doubt be excited about getting on the roads. Owning a motorbike is a lot of fun. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted. However, while you may think that you know what to expect from your motorbike, you are bound to be in for a few surprises along the way. With that being said, read on to discover some of the things that no one tells you about owning a motorbike…

You actually need to study for your test – Before you hit the roads, you will need to secure a permit and a license. Contrary to popular belief, you do have to study for your motorbike exam. A lot of people mistakenly believe that the test is a breeze. However, if you go in with this attitude, there is a very high chance that you won’t pass, which can be frustrating, as you are delaying your opportunity to get on the road. Head to permit.bike for more information regarding securing a permit and a license. This is a good place to start while on your quest to getting the required qualifications to ride your motorcycle.

You can’t trigger lights – Unfortunately, this is a piece of bad news for those of you who think you will be able to trigger lights on your motorbike – you won’t! Most red lights work one of two ways. They are either timed, which means they will go off at set intervals anyway, or they are triggered. If you come to a red light that can be triggered, it will work on an induction loop in most cases, which means that when a vehicle squishes the circuit, the red light is triggered. However, as you are on a motorbike, your mode of transport is unlikely to be heavy enough to trigger the light.

You will come into contact with a lot of spiders – Hopefully, you’re not afraid of creepy crawlers, as you are going to come into contact with a lot of them. This is especially the case when your bike is parked outside. After all, when it is outdoors, it is going to be open to humidity, sun, heat, and rain. This is a haven to those annoying little bugs. No matter how hard you try, you will never seem to get rid of them. So, it’s time to embrace your new best friend, as they are going to be around a lot!

It turns you crazy – It takes a certain type of person to ride a motorbike. No matter how crazy you may be, you will only get crazier once you start riding a motorcycle. For some reason, it just compels people to be a bit of an idiot, which can be funny or stupid – depending on the circumstances of course! But, because you end up pulling manoeuvres you typically would not in a car, you end up doing other things you wouldn’t do. Owning a motorbike has a bigger impact on your life than you may realise.

You become invisible – Motorcyclists and cyclists are the most vulnerable on the road. This is because, in the eyes of other drivers, you’re not even there! For some reason, some drivers just fail to see motorcyclists. Not only is this incredibly frustrating, but it highlights why riding a motorbike is considered dangerous. You are going to need to have your wits about you. Yes, it is annoying that you are the one that is having to account for other people’s bad driving, but it is better to be safe of course.

You will be filthy – Don’t underestimate just how dirty you are going to get by riding your motorbike. One of the biggest mistakes new riders make is riding their bike to work with little consideration for their clothing. They get off their bike, only to discover that they are an absolute state – yes, even underneath their motorbike gear. No one wants to go to work in a suit that is covered in mud, do they? So, if you are going to ride your new motorbike to work, it is probably a good idea to take your clothing with you and get changed before you go into the office. Oh, and you are probably going to have a bit of a funky smell going on! But, don’t worry, you will get used to it.

You join a club – Last but not least, the camaraderie that comes with owning a motorbike is definitely one of the greatest things about it. Even if you do not officially join a club, you are part of a club by merely owning a motorbike. Whenever you see another motorcyclist on the road, don’t be surprised if they give you a wave. Yes, it will be a little bit awkward when you wave back the first few times, as you fumble about trying to get your arm out there!

So there you have it – a look at some of the things that no one tells you about owning a motorbike. From the permit test to the creepy crawlers, there are definitely a lot of surprises along the way. Some of them are good, yet the spiders probably aren’t the best! However, if you’re not scared of hitting the road on a bike, you’re hardly going to be scared of small insects (hopefully!). So, all that is left to say is… enjoy your new bike, and be safe on the roads!

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.