10 Best Car Camping Destinations In US

Camping trips are a time-tested method of getting family members to bond with each other. In an age when technology is taking over most aspects of our lives, going to places with no phone reception and doing things manually makes for a refreshing change. There are so many great places to go for a camping trip in the country, each with its own special characteristics. Here’s a list of car camping destinations around the country.

1. Assateague Islands National Seashore Campgrounds – Maryland/Virginia

As the name suggests, this is a beach camping ground on Assateague Island on the Virginia Maryland coast. Famous for its sand dunes and wildlife, it has over a hundred campsites with facilities like bathrooms and cold showers.

2. Acadia National Park – Mount Desert Island, Maine

Situated along the North Atlantic coast, this park provides plenty of opportunity to do things like bird watching, fishing, hiking and loads more. From mid-June to mid-October, the campsites are either almost or completely full, so making reservations is advised. Since the terrain is difficult, your luggage needs to be durable. Look here for a good suggestion.

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park – North Carolina/Tennessee

The mountains are home to green forests and plenty of wildflowers that bloom throughout the year. With some interesting destination hikes and breathtakingly beautiful views, this national park is a wonderful place to go during the summer and autumn.

4. Pearl Ponds – Monson, Maine

Since this site was recently opened by the Appalachian Mountain club, it’s still relatively isolated, making it a great place to go if you’re looking for scenery and tranquility without having to dodge huge crowds. Hiking opportunities are abundant.

5. Blanchard Springs Caverns, Ozark National Forest – Arkansas

A series of low hills, caverns, swimming holes and wildlife are the highlights of camping out in Blanchard Springs. In addition, campers have access to good facilities like restrooms, showers, grills and tent pads. A great way to enjoy nature without having to give all the comforts of home.

6. Bahia Honda State Park – Florida

Another beach camping ground, Bahia Honda is full of opportunities to go swimming, tarpon fishing and kayaking. If you wish, you can even go on a snorkeling tour. Make sure to pick among campsites numbered 64-72 to ensure proper beach access. Reservation from months in advance is advised.

7. City of Rocks National Reserve – Idaho

Also known as the “Silent City”, this park is full of granite rocks that offer plenty of opportunities to go rock climbing and hiking. Horse riding and mountain biking are also good activities done. There’s also the option of going autotouring, making it a great place to go car camping.

8. Trillium Lake Campground – Oregon

Situated in an evergreen forest at the base of Mt Hood, Trillium campground is popular in spite of being a busy place, because the dense trees offer a sense of seclusion. With well-maintained facilities and quaint villages situated nearby, You’re not bound to get bored anytime soon.

9. Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park – California

Jedediah Smith Park is known as one of the most beautiful redwood parks situated in Northern California. Attractions like the Grove of Titans and the three hundred foot tall Boy Scout Tree make this place worth visiting. Be sure to reserve a campsite from the numbers 47 to 58 to get the best out of the trip, and remember not to damage the pristine condition of the forest.

10. Namakanipaio Campground, Volcanoes National Park – Hawaii

This camping ground is one of the busiest places, and it’s first come first serve. However, those lucky enough to catch a spot will find the experience of being there worth the trouble. Eucalyptus trees abound, it is a beautiful campground with well kept facilities and a beautiful view of the volcanoes.

Campgrounds may be tough to find and settle down in, but the experience is one that lasts a lifetime. Families make memories over such trips, and the best part is probably the exercise. Done right, camping can improve your ability to rough it when necessary and let you have fun as well.