Race Into the Future: Would You Buy a Flying Motorcycle?

Ever find yourself stuck in a long line of traffic, feeling the urge to zip past everyone and race through open space? Taking the capabilities of motorized vehicles to new heights, the Lazareth LMV 496 La Moto Volante — French for “the flying motorcycle” — provides a bold solution for the adventurous spirit looking to rise above the grounded limitations of crowded roads.

Specs of the Lazareth LMV 496

Designed to defy the accepted norms for what a motorcycle can be, the Lazareth LMV 496 was created by Ludovic Lazareth in an effort to propel riders towards an exciting, limitless future.

Combining the power of 96,000-rpm JetCat jet turbines in each wheel hub with hydraulic actuators, the LMZ 496 is propelled into the sky and stabilized when its flying mode is activated.

With the push of a button, the bike’s wheels slowly move from an upright orientation to a horizontal one in true Transformer fashion. Taking about 60 seconds to fully transition into flight mode, the LMV 496 comes equipped with a kerosene tank that supplies enough fuel to power roughly 10 minutes of flight.

Equipped with gigantic V8 cylinders, ballistic parachutes, and the option to customize your motorcycle with additional jets to manage more weight, several features enhance the bike’s quality and aptitude to handle various needs.

Weighing in at 308 pounds, the lighter build of the LMZ 496 benefits its aerodynamic features and the bike is capable of exerting 529 pounds of thrust while in flight mode.

As a prototype still in testing, the complete capabilities of the LMZ 496 stand to develop further. While demo videos have proven that the technology is undeniably available, the constraints on motorcycle flight power are still relatively uncertain. Currently existing as more of a hoverbike able to float 3.3 feet above the ground, it remains to be seen what altitudes and speeds the LMZ 496 may be able to reach upon its public release.

With functional technology for motorized flight in their hands, Lazareth can focus on fine-tuning the LMV 496, crafting it into the bike people have been dreaming of for years.

However, filtering out the exhilarating buzz naturally associated with its cutting-edge developments, the question of whether or not you should consider purchasing it remains. Whether you are an experienced rider wanting to upgrade or someone evaluating whether or not to buy their first bike, several thoughts should be factored into getting the right bike for you.

What Should I Consider When Looking to Buy a Motorcycle?

When contemplating the purchase of any product, it is important to assess the unique attributes that specifically address your needs or wants. In the case of a motorcycle, factors to reflect on might include:

  • What size should my bike be to afford me the most comfort and stability?
  • How much will I be using this bike? Will I ride it on a daily basis or will it be used more recreationally?
  • Am I looking for a bike to travel longer or shorter distances?
  • Do I anticipate a need to accommodate for multiple riders?

Whatever elements may go into shaping your decision, it is important to remember that the motorcycle you purchase should be the one most appropriately suited to your lifestyle.

Is a Flying Motorcycle Worth the Price?

Marketed as more of a luxury product, early estimates suggest that the LMV 496 will first be released in Dubai for a steep pre-order price of $560,000. While certainly not cheap and well outside the range of what many consumers would like to spend, the novelty of owing a flying motorcycle may appeal to the lifestyles of some. For others, it may be worth waiting for affordable options to emerge as the technology matures and widespread adoption occurs.

Featuring innovative developments capable of influencing our lives in the future, the Lazareth LMV 496 may look like a whacky vehicle straight from a Bond film, but its production could signal the start of a cool movement for motorized vehicles. Quite literally reaching for the skies, the potential of such technology seems boundless.